Client Successes Via Tech PR

Clients rely on MediaFirst's record of success in the business of technology and years of superb results. Clients apply MediaFirst staff and experience to reach beyond PR and marketing to reach audiences and create customers by best methods and the best marketing mix, which can include social media, websites, internet marketing, award opportunity management, speaking engagements and a variety of lead generation techniques.

Many clients stay with us for years. Others enjoy merger and acquisition (M&A) activity, after implementing media relations campaigns in the right way and with the right message.

High Tech PR successes include Gideon Technologies of Alpharetta, GA (acquired by Symantec in 2010), Optiant of Boston, MA (acquired by Logility in 2010), LeanLogistics of Michigan (acquired in 2008), Optimus Solutions of Norcross, GA (acquired in 2008), Eircom of Connecticut (IPO in 2004), and ExtremeLogic of Atlanta, GA (acquired by HP in 2003).

High Tech PR Firm: Examples of Success:

Our cornerstone is to reach audiences most effectively - at the right point in the sales cycle - with the right tool to do the job. We build and expand the audiences that clients wish to reach - creating awareness, investor interest, and competitive advantage.

Aether: PR Launch of industry-leading, wireless start-up that went IPO Start-up R for Jeff Parker, founder of First Call, founder says "...fabulous job"

Eirccom: marketing, events, and PR for the Irish telecom leading to IPO

Extreme Logic: Created .NET services campaign, Regional & market verticals. Great national media coverage of this Microsoft services firm led to acquisition by HP

Gideon Technologies: Information Security software and services firm to government and corporations, acquired by Symantec in 2010.

Insight: Ten years of thought-leadership and product superiority, competing with large public companies

Optiant: PR and social media campaigns, speaking opportunity management, award management, thought leadership campaigns, write corporate blog

Elemica: PR, messaging, SEO, speaking opportunity and award management.

LeanLogistics: PR, Web SEO, & marketing integration, leading to acquisition Merlot: PR & analyst relations resulting in 3 funding rounds, thought leadership, and acquisition.

Optiant: Logistics and supply chain client, acquired by Logility in 2010.

Optimus Solutions: PR & awards for quickly growing IT equipment reseller and services provider that led to acquisition.