Designing Social Media Campaigns that Sell

Social Media lets you build awareness, inform audiences, engage, and sell. The audiences you reach are prospects, customers, staff, allies, investors, analysts, and the public. These audiences can influence the purchase of your products and services. Just posting on a social media network is not enough. If audiences engage with your post, respond. Measure you social media reach with tools provided by each social network platform or by third-party solutions. There are third-party solutions for posting, caching future posts, listening, and metrics.

Social Media in the Marketing Mix

Social media has gained acceptance as a critical avenue of getting the word out about your products and services. Hootsuite says in their Social Transformation Report that social is “now capturing 13 -24% of the total marketing budget.” Businesses today want new and better ways to connect to customers, and social is proving its worth. 

Jim Caruso of M1PR, Inc. d/b/a MediaFirst PR - Atlanta, quoted in the media, Member of the Forbes Agency Council

Content Marketing Firm Tips - Influencing Prospects

Prospective customers are spending more time on the web doing independent research via Google Search and other search engines.

Increasingly, buyers look toward friends, peers, influencers, and other third parties,  for guidance. They find this guidance on social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap, Pinterest, and others.

They find online influencers on that influencers blog or social media accounts. Influencers are sometimes paid by brands for promotion.

Tips for Improving Your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Tips

Small and medium-sized business owners everywhere are united by a desire to improve efficiency without raising costs. 90% of marketers surveyed believe that social media marketing yields real returns, and HubSpot's research has indicated that leads gained through inbound marketing methods cost 61% less than outbound leads. 

Jim Caruso of M1PR, Inc. d/b/a MediaFirst PR - Atlanta, quoted in the media, Member of the Forbes Agency Council

Atlanta Marketing Organizations

Local Groups For Marketing, Content, Social Media, Blogging, Web Design & Lead Generation We are an Atlanta Marketing Agency and offer this list of Organizations for Marketing, Content, Social Media, Blogging, Web Design & Lead Generation Atlanta Marketing Organizations Here are a few places you may find me discussing marketing, advertising, technology, social media, and web design:

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing Agency Ideas To Better Market Your Business

LinkedIn Marketing Agency Ideas

Market You & Your Business Better on LinkedIn

Marketing your business on social media should be one of the key strategies of your online marketing campaign. Simply having a social presence isn’t enough. If your company has a presence on LinkedIn, which B2B companies should, then here are a few tips to help with your online presence.

Capitalize Upon Your Customer's Social Media Time

Capitalize on Customer's Social Media Time

People spend a lot of time online every day. In fact, according to data collected by BroadbandSearch, people spend 144 minutes on average online every day in 2019. This is up an entire hour or 62% from 2012 Because of this, you should be taking advantage of their online presence by increasing your presence online. 

Use Social Media to Convert Fans to Customers

Use A Social Media Marketing Agency

Convert Fans to Customers Using Social Media 

With everyone "Like-ing" everyone else on social media, these days the era of intense social media marketing has quietly slipped into the public consciousness. Whether or not we want to admit it every time we scroll through some post or watch a video or share a celebrities witty remark about the Washington gridlock, we are participating in social media marketing.

3 Symptoms of Mismanaging Your Social Media Marketing

In this day and age, a social media marketing strategy is an absolute must in order for your Internet marketing campaign to succeed. Social media is one of the easiest ways to connect directly with your consumer base and is a fantastic way to increase both brand awareness and brand loyalty. However, this all depends on whether or not you are using your social media platforms correctly

Lots of New Social Networks Out There, But Which Ones Matter: Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, etc?

New Social Networks May Have The Audience You Seek

There are hundreds of social networks out there, where a business might have a social media presence. Which ones matter and why. All our clients are on the big social networks, which we find are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. But, what about all the others?