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MediaFirst is a top technology and supply chain marketing firm. Trust MediaFirst for digital marketing, advertising, local directory listings, search engine optimization (SEO), advertising, media relations, analyst relations and consistently increasing awareness through lead generation, press releases, blog posts, speaking engagements, updated website content, and a curated stream of social media posts.

With the deeper roots in technology than competitors, we quickly understand your technology, formulate resonating value propositions, evangelize your products and services, and open new markets. We design and implement outstanding communications solutions for high technology ventures. Staffed by experienced people, MediaFirst brings rigorous methods that accomplish your goals.

Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency Services Cover All Fronts:

  • Public Relations (PR): Third-party Endorsement by the Media
  • Corporate Marketing & Branding: Create the Right Identity and Build your Brand
  • Award Opportunity Management Garners High Praise
  • Speaking Engagement Opportunities: Sell Hundreds or Thousands at Once
  • Web Presence & Hosting: Bringing Your Expertise to the Customer's Door
  • Social Media: Leveraging Friends of a Friend and Influencer Marketing
  • Advertising: Cost-Effective Awareness & the Right Call-to-Action for Lead Generation
  • Analyst Relations Validate Your Position & Direction
  • Event Marketing, Management & Execution: Impart Knowledge to the Target Audience
  • Marketing Services: Creating Awareness & Knowledge, Leading to Selling & Closing
  • Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing: We provide services for marketing automation platforms including Hubspot, Pardot, Marketo, Lead Forensics, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, and Mailchimp

Call Becky or Jim at 770/642-2080 for the Technology PR Firm / Consumer PR Firm to complement your success.

  • Press Interviews
  • Press Releases
  • Website Copywriting
  • Blog Posts
  • Award Management
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Social Media Outreach & Engagement
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Google AdWords Advertising
  • Digital Collateral
  • Landing Pages for Lead Capture
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Email Marketing: Writing, Template Design, and regular Distribution & Analytics
  • Transactional Email, Lead Nurturing (Drip) Emails, Triggered Email
  • Content Management System selection, hosting, management, and content
  • Drupal Site building & Web Design
  • WordPress site-building & Web Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing, Marketing Automation & Inbound Marketing
  • CRM Integration E-commerce Integration, such as with Shopify, MailChimp, and a payment gateway
  • Custom Projects
  • Market Research
  • Product Marketing
  • Retainer and Turnkey Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Agency
  • Marketing Strategy, E-Marketing, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations & Lead Generation

Fix your marketing mix. A technology marketing firm and consumer marketing firm, MediaFirst works with clients to identify and execute upon the cornerstones of success, so your organization can quickly reap the benefit of improved lead generation and higher revenues. MediaFirst is a marketing agency that contributes to client success from business inception to a profitable exit. Our business growth consulting services solve your company’s business challenges.

Brand Strategy, Development & Look & Feel

Need brand? MediaFirst will work with your company to help define perceptions, impressions, ideas, and feelings that target markets and buyers have and SHOULD have for your product, software, or service offering.  From there, if needed, our team of design professionals will help craft a look and feel for your company and product. For branding and brand marketing, look to MediaFirst among branding companies and branded content agencies.

Marketing Strategy Agency & Market Development

When it comes to technology marketing, companies need to understand the entire picture. MediaFirst understands the strategic underpinnings of marketing strategy and takes responsibility for the success of marketing management and the marketing plan.

MediaFirst can facilitate an on-site workshop that sparks discussion, builds consensus, and leads to a finalized marketing strategy and plan complete with:

Vision and purpose
Business goals and business growth
The correct ​Marketing Mix
Marketing Communication Programs
Lead Generation Programs
Trade Show Programs
​Social Media Marketing
Public Relations & Industry Analyst Relations Programs
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
​Inbound Marketing
Web Strategy, Website, & Content Management System Consulting
Content Strategy Programs
Metrics & Measurement
​A periodic Press Release cycle
ROI Analysis & Analytics
Timeline & Milestones
Organizational Structure
Budget & Resource Plan

Company Positioning, Message Development, & Product Marketing Agency

Technology markets are crowded and competitive. Any company that wants to become a serious player needs a clear, consistent, and, concise message for its products, services, and goals. Still, most early and mid-stage companies do not have defined messaging. Instead, many rely on uncomprehensible press releases, sales collateral without benefits, presentations without highlights, and web content that does not serve the visitor. They fail to tell their story. MediaFirst works with your company to deliver messaging documentation that details the story and talking points of the company, key executives, products, and services—a reference document that makes communicating with your key audiences consistent for that audience, from investors to press to target prospects.

 Marketing Collateral and Copy Writing Agency

Need white papers or product sheets? Contract with MediaFirst for a quick-turn-around project. Our writing team has the technology, software, and logistics industry experts to write and edit everything from press releases to blog posts to web content. So, whether it is standard fare like a trade publication byline or a white paper, MediaFirst is your shop. Our team also offers graphic design services to develop PowerPoint presentations, brochures, web site copy, client success stories, and more.

 Web Development, Inbound Marketing, SEO & Creative Agency Services

A company’s web presence needs to reflect its brand and message clearly while speaking to the right prospects, partners, and customers. You must write answers to their questions. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

MediaFirst provides clients with everything they need to get up and running on the web and, then, maximize their presence. So, you can focus on turning those web leads into sales.

Services include web copy development, search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design, blogs, online advertising, e-mail marketing, newsletters, and if needed, web architecture development.

 Digital Public Relations For Media Relations & Reputation Management

When it comes to the press, MediaFirst knows its stuff. Our award-winning team includes PR pros to get your company the right attention.

  • MediaFirst can help you:
  • Develop a media strategy including tactics, targets, messages, & timelines
  • Draft Press kit materials and your Press Release
  • Schedule media and analyst tours
  • Train your executives to speak for their interview with the media, analysts, and bloggers
  • Obtain press coverage in industry-leading business and technology publications
  • Build relationships with influential industry analysts that influence purchase decisions and help to define market opportunities.
  • ​Leverage digital public relations

Speaker Placement: Public Speaking & Conference Speaking

MediaFirst can help your executives land exciting and influential speaking engagements. MediaFirst will work with you to identify the key conferences and sessions where your company will be able to reach prospects, customers, and analysts. Speaking engagements help companies establish leadership and added credibility in their markets while driving leads and more visibility opportunities, like press coverage and bylined articles.

PR Awards Programs & Award Management

Winning awards given by impartial third-parties is a great way to enhance the credibility and reputation of your product and company. MediaFirst will customize a program for your organization that is designed to secure awards that recognize excellence, accomplishments, and best practices, creating awareness and increasing the visibility for a company or professional role model.

This award-winning team focuses on winning awards for you.

Business Development & Market Research

Channel Identification, Channel Development & ISV / VAR / Reseller Channels

Trying to expand your channel? MediaFirst has extensive experience at identifying new distribution strategies and market opportunities for Service Management technology offerings. Our expertise spans the gamut of forging relationships with value-added resellers and embedded software providers. Wherever your company plays in your targeted, technology market—MediaFirst can extend your company’s reach through alliance partners.

Market Sizing & Market Growth

Technology market sizing—and the best niche—can be a tough and seemingly impossible task.  It requires breaking numbers down into specific enabling technology and process buckets.  MediaFirst staff is professional using complex algorithms and formulas that identify the current and predicted sizing of the different components of technology markets.

Market Strategy & Product Research

Combined with company vision, feedback from partners, potential end-users, and existing customers is crucial to develop and bring to market a product that truly meets the market demand. MediaFirst can help you by designing and customizing market research reports and programs that provide actionable intelligence so your organization can implement the needs of evolving tech marketplaces.

Competitive Analysis & Social Media Assessment

Stay ahead of your competition and arm your salespeople with the messaging needed for fierce combat in the sales cycle. MediaFirst delivers detailed competitive analysis that enables your company to gain insight into your competition’s strengths and weaknesses so you can approach the sales process and product development cycle with invaluable knowledge.

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