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Earned Media Agency

Earned Public Relations Agency

Third-Party Endorsement by the Media

A business's perceived value increases with the third-party endorsement of the media. These media outlets are business, technology, and industry publications (Print, TV, Radio, web-based, blogs, etc). The ones we go after are the ones that reach and inform your target audiences. When the media quotes a client in national and trade media, they become the expert. We treat the media as a customer, creating stories that meet the editorial needs of both the media and our client. By creating the right story idea at the right time with the right target, you get great press.

Be A Newsmaker

Our clients are newsmakers in The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, The Economist, CFO, InformationWeek, eWeek, ComputerWorld, Wired, CIO, CNN, CNBC, trade publications in the supply chain, logistics, and IT/Cloud Computing, and business media outlets whether radio, television, print, and web-based. Every PR outreach is digital-first with publishers using content across all channels.

MediaFirst Attains Clients' Goals

We work together for your success, meeting your goals of:

  • Targeting and reaching the audiences that purchase your hardware, software, or services
  • Generating awareness and interest in your venture, through PR to these target audiences
  • Crafting the value proposition of your offerings and firm
  • Writing Press Releases and other materials that are compelling and in the language of your audience
  • Blending these efforts with your overall corporate strategy
  • Attaining your goals to create new customers, grow revenues, and raise the valuation

For best results, PR requires sustained effort and periodic contact. We document your messages and positioning. You determine your spokespersons. We prepare a Press Kit that explains why your spokespersons and firm are well qualified to comment to the press. Together, we select media outlets (magazines, radio shows, TV, and web news sites) with a readership (listener/viewer base) that reach your target audience. We write press releases on the subjects of your deals, new product or service offerings, personnel hiring, and office locations. In addition, our unique tactic of writing issue-based press releases positions you as an expert; citing your vision of industry changes or reactions to breaking news. These issue-based press releases propose story ideas for reporters/editors or provide them with a useful commentary on today’s issue.

We Tee You Up For Press Interview Opportunities

We contact reporters by the method they prefer. This usually means an e-mail. We get inquiries from reporters. Some call or want us to call. You should issue big news as a press release with our help. Consider the cost over a news wire. The base fee covers the first 400 words; after that, you pay for every additional 100 words. Our mutual aim is to get you into the story. Sometimes a publication will quote you straight from the press release. More often, your press release gets your foot in the door, but the reporter wants an interview. You must be interesting enough to be quoted. Our job is to serve as the point of contact for interview scheduling between your spokespersons & reporters. We will coach you on what the reporter wants and give you ideas, but you must execute. 

Process Guarantees Results

The best measure of press coverage is seeing your firm’s name in print. Therefore, we concentrate on creating results, not reports. Measuring PR placements (hits) with a digital search service is best—these cover your targeted media outlets and search for the name of your firm and spokespersons. Honestly, Google News Alerts works well; I have every client and spokesperson monitored.

Third-party clipping service costs start at near zero for Google News Alerts and can be more than $12,000 per year on annual commitments. If you want a service with an annual commitment, you will need to contract directly.

We know who interviewed you and for what publication. So, it is easy for us to report this in advance and confirm it after your spokesperson's interview. You may want more extensive tracking. Web-based search can provide some measure of press coverage found in larger publications but is not effective in measuring trade press.

Lastly, share-of-voice can be a vanity metric. Results highly depend on what competitors you provide for comparison. If you leave off a competitor, the result is absolutely meaningless. If the 800-pound guerilla in the market overwhelms other competitors with announcements, speakers, awards, or offerings, then your company will look buried even if you are making progress.

Forecasting Provides Confidence Of Success

We forecast your PR results by maintaining a list of reporters that expressed interest and the projected future date that your name will show up in print. The forecast looks six months ahead, because of the long editorial lead times of monthly print publications. If you understand the PR process and maintain realistic expectations, you will be very satisfied and well rewarded with great press coverage.