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Social Networking Sites: The top five (5) are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Many people still use Flickr. Others are Instagram, Pinterest, Snap, TikTok.

Becky Boyd, @BeckyJBoyd , VP of MediaFirst PR, will be leading our #Marketing Your #Business in Today's Crowded #Market Powertalk at ELEVATE — Construction's Heavy Work Conference and Expo
Becky Boyd, @BeckyJBoyd , VP of MediaFirst PR, will be leading our #Marketing Your #Business in Today's Crowded #Market Powertalk at ELEVATE — Construction's Heavy Work Conference and Expo


Social Media Marketing For Business

Why Social Media Marketing?

Promote News, Announcements, & Promotions via Social Media Blog tools that distribute your company's activities to customers via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Images, such as photographs of your events can be posted on Flickr or other, similar services. Video can be posted on YouTube or specialty services, such as Vimeo. 

Social Media Optimization requires actively staying ahead of trends, so that you use the most effective social media sites, like Facebook over MySpace. It requires social media management, so that followers get useful information, but also so that there exists a social media policy to respond when customers and followers talk to your firm.

Social Media Tools enable engagement, outbound activity, but also social media monitoring and response. 

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Social Media Marketing Trends

  • Location-Based Services (LBS)
  • Map Directories & Locations Directories
  • Mobile Social: Mobile Communications & Wireless

Location-Based Services (LBS)

Location-Based Services (LBS) are becoming an expected way for your business to engage with customers that walk in your door, then "check-in" via services, such as Foursquare, Facebook, Google, Gowalla, etc.

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Map Directories & Locations Directories: Google Places, Yelp!, Etc.

Marking your territory and location can be critical as Google Places, Yelp and other directory listing services become common ways for customers to locate your business, compare offerings, and read online reviews.

Mobile Social Media

Every one of these social networks is mobile. As users are on mobile more, the social marketing value of certain social networks defines key competitive factors for certain types of businesses. 

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List of Social Networks

  • LinkedIn: Social Media for Business, connecting deal makers across the globe
  • Facebook: Consumer Social Media with thriving interactions between brands and fans
  • Twitter: A highly engaged set of users, typically 20% or more of your audience, depending on your target audience
  • Flickr: The leading photo hosting service with many competitors
  • YouTube: The king of social media websites for video enrapture of your audience. Video is attracting the most rapid audience growth.
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