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M1PR MediaFirst Press Office Media Contact

M1PR (MediaFirst) Press Office

Media Contact:
Becky Boyd
+1 770.642.2080
becky [at] mediafirst [dot] net

MediaFirst Marketing: Inbound, PR, Social Media, & Websites

MediaFirst is a full-service, marketing agency. You get inbound marketing campaigns that leverage customer references, grow target audiences, build traffic, sway influencers, and help close sales.

Reach Your Audience

MediaFirst PR creates go-to-market plans that generate awareness of your company. Via marketing, PR, social media and the web, we explain the value of your product and service offerings to prospective customers and influencers, such as reporters, bloggers, and industry analysts. Your audience learns why to buy from you and leverages your customer references to spark sales and close deals.

From Mindshare Through to Exit

Clients trust us to secure mindshare on current industry issues via press releases, bylined articles, analyst briefings, blogger relations, industry awards, web content, social media, and the right marketing tactics. We demonstrate how your firm is firing on all cylinders with compelling value propositions, impressive management, large markets, and the ability to execute. MediaFirst's tactics create awareness, generate leads, attract investors, and solidify success. Client(s) select MediaFirst to generate awareness and win customers, enter markets, grow faster, secure funding, or reap the reward of exit by IPO or acquisition.

Jim Caruso, CEO

Jim Caruso Marketing Strategist & CEO at MediaFirst

Jim is an engineer-salesman, turned marketer, publicist, and digital strategist He has done business in-and spoken to executive and technical audiences in more than a dozen countries.

Social Media

Jim Caruso runs MediaFirst, a top agency for marketing, PR, social media, and websites. The firm's blog was recognized as a 20 top blog on social media by Social Media Examiner. Jim and MediaFirst engage audiences on social networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. In addition, Jim (@jimcaruso) has many Twitter followers. You can find him in the trenches of social networking in Atlanta or at conferences, such as South by Southwest (SXSW).


Jim maintains the alignment of business activities with strategic intent for his firm and its clients. Internally, his concerns are the strategy, lead generation, process, execution, and quality. He has business experience in telecom, computing, new media, and IT/the web/Internet. This experience contributes to a deep understanding of how high technology affects business trends, the positioning of high technology solutions in the industry, and the product development lifecycle. As a speaker, Jim engaged audiences from technical and executive roundtables to more than 1000 conference attendees across the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific.