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Landing Pages Convert Web Visitors Into Leads

Calls-To-Action on Your Website Send Interested Sales Prospects To Landing Pages

An effective online sales methodology includes creating at least one call-to-action (CTA) for buyers in each stage of a sales cycle. The Sales Funnel is often used to visualize a sales cycle. Each CTA targets a web visitor at a different stage in the sales process. Prospects that just heard of you are probably at a decision stage at the "Top-of-the-Funnel," while ready-to-buy prospects are at the "Bottom-of-the-Funnel."

Landing Page Example for Marketing Automation, Call-to-Action
Landing Page Example for Marketing Automation, Call-to-Action

Promote Your Landing Pages with Social Publishing

Social Publishing means scheduling the promotion of your Landing Page(s) through Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Hubspot provides ways to schedule a Tweet, Facebook post or other social promotion of a Landing Page. Hubspot enables you to track the effectiveness of your social network and social promotions in your marketing mix.

Send Pay Per Click Advertising to an Optimal Landing Page

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an option within your marketing mix. One advantage is that it can be effective almost instantly for lead generation. In a day, MediaFirst can create an ad or campaign, plus a landing page. PPC campaigns directed to landing pages deliver leads. Leads generated from PPC can quickly add to your marketing effectiveness. PPC should be considered anytime you do marketing. However, PPC costs money, whereas organic search traffic is considered "free."

Employ CTAs In Email Marketing Campaigns Tied To Landing Pages

Add a Call-To-Action or more to email nurturing campaigns or your regular newsletter. These CTAs can send traffic to existing or specially-designed landing pages.

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Landing Page Call-to-Action Example for Marketing Automation
Landing Page Call-to-Action Example for Marketing Automation