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B2B Marketing Benefits From A Consistent Program Of Press Releases

Press Release PR Agency

B2B marketing efforts benefit from a stream of Press Releases, issued at least monthly. Readers see your press release, a.k.a. news release, in many media outlets: online, in print, on tablets, and formatted for mobile devices. Social networks and social media tools leverage the distribution of press releases on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. With MediaFirst as your PR firm, know that we leverage these for your company.

​Here is how our PR Agency looks at the different parts of a press release:

  • Headlines Draw Readers To Your Story
  • Sub-Headlines Let You Give Spicy Details
  • The Opening Sentence Frames The News Value Of The Release & Your Firm
  • News Release Content Serves All The Targeted Audiences
  • Customer & Partner Quotes Provide Third-Party Endorsement
  • Your Quote Provides Reporters With An Instant Interview
  • About Paragraph Highlights Your Firm's Industry Importance
  • Media Contacts Respond Quickly & Efficiently To Reporters & Editors

Press Releases continue to be a valuable, credible source of news for readers and an important, visible outlet of audience engagement for companies. A press release, well-written by a PR company like MediaFirst, lets you tell your story in bite-sized, focused morsels.

A consistent program of press releases allows you to determine how your firm is perceived and shape that perception.

12 Tips For Spreading The Word When Your Company Receives Kudos

Create A Press Release

A press release is ongoing proof of your company receiving recognition from customers and the industry. Press releases are distributed widely because of national (or international) syndication. You can keep this proof on your website. In addition, your company is free to post the award as news in your social media stream. All the award coverage is solid social proof.

- Jim Caruso, M1PR CEO, quoted in Forbes

A press release can cover: 

a.) a new customer,

b.) a new or expanded alliance partnership,

c.) the hiring of key staff,

d.) sales promotions or new pricing,

e.) new or expanded company locations,

f.) any new company initiative,

g.) new or expanded product or service offerings,

h.) vertical industry offerings or practice areas,

i.) awards won by the firm or key staff,

j.) certifications that your company earns,

k.) suppliers to your company,

l.) a survey and the insightful results,

m.) company growth,

n,) job openings, etc.

m.) In addition, our PR Agency Clients use press releases to highlight an industry issue or even spark controversy.

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