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Field Service PR Agency

M1PR (MediaFirst), Skilled as a Field Service Marketing Agency

At Media First, we understand the Service Management marketplace better than anyone. Our experienced staff has worked with and for some of the largest and most successful players in the Service Management market. Whether your company is looking to increase awareness through public and analyst relations or is in need of in-depth competitive analysis to arm your sales force for battle, Media First is your one-stop-shop for marketing and business development services to increase your Service Management business and build your brand in the economic downturn.

Service Management - A Complex Market

A complete Service Management solution includes several technologies that, when brought together, can help enterprises better service customers to increase profitability and build strong customer relationships. 

Today, there is no one vendor who can supply all of the best-of-breed technologies required for an end-to-end Service Management enterprise implementation. This reality poses issues for both vendors and enterprise buyers alike. Vendors struggle to differentiate themselves and partner with the important players, while enterprise buyers can become overwhelmed by building piecemeal solutions that don’t do the desired job.

At Media First, we understand these issues from both vendor and buyer perspectives so we can help your company position itself to compete--and win—in an overcrowded and ill-defined market.

Service Management – an Overview

Enterprises that deploy and implement Service Management technologies and business processes enjoy benefits that lead to improved profitability through cost reduction or the driving of new or enhanced revenue streams. Among those benefits are: 

- Improved Service Level Agreement Compliance

- Improved utilization of staff and resources

- Reduction in lost inventory

- More accurate and timely billing cycles

- Rapid response and first call resolution

- Improvement in equipment uptime

Enabling Technologies:

Mobility Platforms and Applications 

Mobile is a critical component of any successful Service Management deployment, and there are a number of software vendors that provide enabling mobile technology for Service Management deployments. The mobile software marketplace is crowded and includes GPS vendors, platforms for building and deploying enterprise service applications as well as packaged, off-the-shelf applications focused on specific industries. For a mobile software company to secure customers and, sometimes, even get in the door, it is essential to differentiate through competitive positioning and focused, high-impact public and analyst relations efforts.  

Mobile Devices

Rugged or consumer-grade devices are deployed globally in Service Management implementations, and it can often be an uphill battle to find the right partner and identify the optimal device for a specific use case. Service Management companies need to identify software, service and carrier partners that will help improve its position and gain traction in the Service Management marketplace. 

Wireless – Wide Area or Wi-Fi

Carriers and Wi-Fi network providers supply an essential technology piece to achieving rapid ROI and real-time communication within Service Management deployments. Identifying and forging marketing and sales relationships with key partners in the telecommunications and network provider markets is an important first step on the path to success.

Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Asset Management

CRM and EAM systems are the backbones of any successful Service Management deployment. Enterprise customers are looking for vendors with proven successes and tight-knit partnerships that can rapidly deploy, provide projected ROI and continue to innovate into the future and help their customers stay ahead of the competition. 

Logistics and Inventory Management

Knowing what parts are where, when, and ensuring fulfillment is essential to reducing service-related costs and overstocked inventory. Poor logistics leads to lost inventory and make-shift parts depots in service rep’s garages and trucks, which, in turn, costs the enterprise money in time, equipment, and non-compliant SLAs.

Scheduling and Routing Optimization

Not very long ago, automated and optimal routing and dispatching was a pipe-dream for most enterprises. Not today as specialty software vendors have spent time, money, and sweat on developing systems based on proprietary algorithms that allow enterprises to route and reroute dynamically based on requirements like customer priority, emergency, SLA, and warranties.

Service Management Business Processes and Systems

MediaFirst sees the Service Management marketplace as encompassing the following business processes.

Vehicle Routing, Route Optimization, and GIS

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) & Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are a common location technology for these systems. Mobile and wireless data technologies are used in communications with remote, on-site workers.

Customer Management 

- Customer Information Systems

- Service Level Agreements

- Order Management

- Partner and Channel Management

- Help Desk and Customer Contact Center

Field Service Management

- Trouble Tickets/Work Order Management

- Scheduling and dispatch

- Routing and Optimization

- Inventory Tracking

- Service Billing

Enterprise Asset Management & Maintenance

- Work Order Management

- Inventory Management

- Remote and On-site Diagnostics and Testing

- Analytics and Scheduling

Parts and Inventory Management

- Operations and Logistics

- Service and Supply Management

- Fulfillment and Supply Chain Management

- Depot Service and Reverse Logistics

- Warranty, Returns, and Billing Management

Service Management PR Case Studies

Mobile Dispatch Management Software, PointServe

PR, analyst relations, & speaking opportunity management

Awesome PR results. Ask..we'll send you the results

Analyst relations that identified key analysts, scheduled briefings, and attained top honors

Opportunity management for speaking engagements, identifying and securing top slots, annually

Won several awards, initiated by MediaFirst, which gave great exposure and highlighted PointServe's successes

Announcement of customers, awards, products, services, hiring, and partners

Optimization, wireless data, wireless Web-based B2B services, service supply chain, gas, telecom/cable, & logistics industry

Mobile Workforce Management Software, iMedeon, Inc.

PR, analyst relations, & speaking opportunity management. Promoted Web-based, wireless workforce management software suite. This software was differentiated as the first of the true Web-based solutions for field force automation.

  • Consistently spectacular press coverage across industries, targeting dispatch and field force automation (FFA)
  • Analyst relations that identified key analysts, scheduled briefings, and maintained top honors
  • Opportunity management for speaking engagements, identifying and securing top slots, annually
  • Contact of potential investors or business partners in wireless, utilities, & GIS
  • Announcement of customers, awards, products, services, hiring, partners & funding
  • Wireless data, wireless Web-based B2B services, telecom, financial, logistics, the transportation industry
  • The client became the leading supplier of 100% web-based, wireless/mobile workforce management solutions
  • iMedeon, founded as Future Horizons, underwent a re-branding and name change
  • The name change reflects a commitment to empowering field workers of leading companies with immediate access to information
  • Promoted the newly developed web-based workforce management system, iM:Work
  • More Than 200 Media Placements in 12 months Puts iMedeon on Top
  • Our CEO, Jim Caruso, introduced iMedeon's to the sources of $15.5 million in funding