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Supply Chain PR Agency

Supply Chain PR Agency

Supply Chain PR Firm

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Clients get great results from the Supply Chain PR Agency services from MediaFirst (M1PR, Inc.). For more than ten years, our teams have helped clients attain supply chain marketing and supply chain media relations objectives. Your team knows the reporters, editors, industry analysts, and others who bring the third-party endorsement of the media to your spokespersons. This process gives your executive and technology executives access to audiences that establish them as subject matter experts with industry insights and thought leadership.

The expertise of your MediaFirst team includes logistics, warehousing, transportation management systems (TMS), strategic supply chain planning and design, 3PL/4PL services, geographic information systems (GIS) vehicle routing, electronic proof of delivery (ePoD), and key logistics optimization software packages. The team launched many of the early Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings in the industry. Our teams' knowledge comes from our work, education, and careers in marketing, sales, public relations, engineering, manufacturing, distribution, dispatch, routing, and field service.

Media Relations Process Gets You Interviews

Press coverage requires a consistent program of pitching to reporters and editors. This is the hard work of understanding press opportunities via relationships with the media and research of editorial calendars (EdCals).

A PR Firm That Understands Supply Chain Management

Industry Experience: Elemica (two different private equity investments), iMedeon (Funded), Insight, International Asset Systems (Acquired by REZ-1, which in turn was acquired by DCLI), LeanLogistics (Acquired by CHEP, now BlueJay Solutions), Optiant (Acquired by Logility), Transportation Insight (private equity investment), W&H Systems (Acquired/merged as DMW&H), and Paragon.

Supply Chain Agency

Strategic Supply Chain Design, Insight, Inc.

For 15 years, MediaFirst acted as the outsourced logistics marketing agency of Insight, Inc. Insight supplies more than 90% of top industry firms across the beverage industry, consumer goods, specialty manufacturing, high-tech manufacturing, etc. We highlighted the fact-based challenges faced by companies doing supply chain design and strategic planning. Our efforts kept Insight at the top of strategic optimization software suppliers for the Fortune 50.

  • PR maintaining global recognition of INSIGHT as a top provider of design and planning optimization
  • Productizing INSIGHT's optimization engine, the X-System, creating an OEM offering
  • Global management, optimization, consulting, OEM marketing, software, logistics

PR Agency for Elemica

MediaFirst worked for Elemica continuously from 2012 to 2021, providing digital PR, social media, speaking opportunity management, blogging, press releases, trade show support, industry conference coverage, and bylined article ghostwriting for this end-to-end digital supply network that enables process manufacturing enterprises to automate, speed up, buy, sell, and move transactions. We worked with the marketing, engineering, customer service, and executive teams.

Logistics PR Firm for Optiant (Acquired by Logility)

Case studies, white papers, bylined articles, awards, website analysis, newsletters, etc.

"MediaFirst helped raise the awareness of our company to compete with companies that are much bigger. They are a professional group and work very hard to generate publicity for us. I would add that MediaFirst has been very creative in developing new ways of generating publicity (e.g., issue-based press releases) for Optiant."

- Fred Lizza, CEO of Optiant

TMS Software Marketing Agency

Strategy, PR, Analysts, Speaking, SEO & Advertising for LeanLogistics (Acquired), became BluJay Solutions (now part of e2open)

MediaFirst delivered a range of marketing services for LeanLogistics from the start-up through the first acquisition by CHEP. We promoted the firm via outstanding press coverage. We wrote and issued press releases showing year-over-year growth, incorporated the desired positioning, and highlighted the strategies of LeanLogistics. We integrated the marketing campaigns with industry analyst relations, award opportunity management, and speaking engagement management. LeanLogistics won numerous awards, staying top of mind among logistics firms offering Transportation Management Systems (TMS). MediaFirst stepped up to design comprehensive Google AdWords advertising campaigns. In addition, we provided a rigorous analysis of the usability and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) status of and its position versus the competition.

TMS PR Agency for Kuebix

Our staff worked with the founder of Kuebix to promote the venture from almost the founding until exit by acquisition.

Service Supply Chain Marketing Agency

iMedeon, Inc. Received US$15.5m in Funding

MediaFirst developed Service Chain positioning for iMedeon and helped them to success and fame. We introduced them to the CEO of Aether, leading to a corporate venture investment totaling $15.5 million and including major industry players, GE Equity, a GE Capital Company (NYSE:GE), wireless data leader Aether (NASDAQ:AETH), GE Power Systems, iMedeon's existing venture investor, Insight Capital Partners, and others.

Logistics Business Plan Writing Agency

Rewrote the Business Plan toward venture funding. A core offering of this plan was online B2B logistics for the target market of residential facilities for seniors.

  • Focused the business model; clearly stated value propositions
  • Developed compelling new industry statistics supporting the plan
  • Researched and addressed each key element of the plan
  • Web-based, complementary B2B logistics offering serving the senior housing industry

Supply Chain PR Agency

Select MediaFirst: Years Of Getting Top Industry Awareness for Clients

The public relations agency also delivers content marketing and social media to promote clients across North America.

Many clients use these services on a monthly retainer:

Media Relations / Public Relations (PR): Become newsworthy and get the most coverage from media relations. Help reporters create a great story. Deliverables are interviews and byline article opportunities.

Press Release: A stream of regularly issued news about your company, such as industry issues, software releases, events, customers, partners, awards, hiring, etc. We write, issue, and track the press release. You need an account with a wire service.

Blog Content Marketing: Blog posts useful and interesting to your audience; delivered regularly. A blog post could be 300 to 900 words and be optimized for SEO keyword phrases. Blog posts work well when they cover industry issues faced by your prospective customers.

Award Opportunity Management: Win awards and notoriety for your firm and your customers. We identify, submit, and track opportunities. We celebrate your award wins in a press release and in social media posts.

Industry Analyst Relations: Convey your value proposition, market influence, and position. We send each relevant press release and schedule briefings to keep analysts informed.

Social Media Curation & Posting: content, tactics, and implementation for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. We curate content for your audience. Posts to LinkedIn Groups bring leads.

A client may call on us to help with additional initiatives, such as

Strategic Planning

Digital Marketing:

Corporate Communications that support human resources

Campaigns and initiatives in support of hiring, company culture, DEI, ESG, etc.


Your spokespersons' names in media coverage come from byline article opportunities and media interviews.

Regular content marketing that reaches audiences and can feed email newsletters

Industry Award Opportunities

Speaking Engagements

Industry Analyst updates and briefings

Trade Show media appointments

Industry Awareness

Market understanding of your offerings and value

Sample Clients

  • Transporeon, Technicolor, Paragon Software
  • LeanLogistics, Kuebix, Optum, Axele (LoadOps), HaulSuite
  • Insight, Transportation Insight, Optiant

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