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Video Marketing Agency

Video Agency Services: Video Generates Interest, Imparts Knowledge

The scale and budget of video production have many factors: time, target audience, and market. Our creative team has the experience to produce a video for new product introductions, training, and demonstrations. Working with a winning video team reaches your target audience and conveys the message.

Our team can take your project from the planning stage, through shooting, editing, and post-production. Our writing and social teams can incorporate video into a blog or webpage or create a stream of social media posts. Our customers receive videos that are effective for educating or communicating. They can even wow audiences. Bottom line is that the video meets our clients' needs.

  • Produce videos for business needs
  • Diverse video content and subjects: employee orientations, sales enablement, marketing, training, product demonstrations, corporate events, etc.
  • Use a dynamic video to target a particular market and capture the audience's attention
  • Our teams can write scripts, direct, and produce videos
Forbes Agency Council Post: 11 Ways To Capitalize In The Popularity of Short-Video Platforms
As seen in Forbes  8 OCT 2020: 11 Ways To Capitalize In The Popularity of Short-Video Platforms





















Leverage Artificial-Intelligence And Machine-Learning Tools

There are some new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools that create short video output. One type takes long videos and cuts them into bite-sized pieces for posts. Another type takes text content and creates short videos for social posts. User-generated content might be free from intellectual property restrictions, so you can also repurpose parts of it that work for your brand.

- Jim Caruso, M1PR, Inc. d/b/a MediaFirst, as seen in Forbes 8 OCT 2020

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