Becky Boyd: Author and VP Marketing

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Becky Boyd, VP, Marketing Services

Becky brings years of experience in software, information technology (IT), supply chain, and consumer PR. She is responsible for developing and implementing tactical programs for clients.

Her teams are experts in media relations, award opportunity management, speaking engagement management, industry analyst relations, social media management, and writing press releases, blogging, case studies, and white papers. Becky brings extensive experience writing about how clients address their customer's issues and create business value.

Hewlett-Packard: President's Club Award Recipient

At HP, Becky earned distinction as one of the top 100 sales representatives, worldwide and consistently ranked as the number one sales representative in the HP Southern Sales Region.

In this role, she demonstrated exceptional customer service, generated award-winning campaigns, established HP in new markets, and served as a mentor to other HP employees and clients.

Her responsibilities included defining markets, competitive analysis, implementing marketing programs, alliance partner programs, lead generation campaigns, sales training, email campaigns, advertising, trade shows, user conferences, and sales enablement, such as producing marketing collaterals, creating a prospect database, and developing sales presentations.

Becky's longest tenure was with HP, where she sold technical solutions to companies in engineering manufacturing, industrial process control, and universities. She worked with independent software vendors (ISV), HP's alliance partners, giving them access to leverage HP resources.

In addition to HP, Becky has worked at an e-commerce software start-up, and a national distributor (reseller).

Becky graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a degree in Engineering Science and Mechanics, majoring in Biomedical Engineering.