Bradley Ward Systems Selects MediaFirst for
Product Marketing & Product Introduction

Client: Bradley Ward Systems

Bradley Ward Systems, Inc. (BWS) of Atlanta, GA is a full-service provider of process control software designed for the food processing industry. Their software is used to plan, monitor, control and document plant processes in more than 30% of the Top 100 Food companies.

Project: Product Marketing, New Product Release

This small software development firm was about to embark in a new direction in response to changes in FDA laws. With more and more outbreaks of food poisoning plaguing the food industry, the government-mandated processes and documentation standards for cleaner and healthier food supplies. Food processors must comply. These mandates fall under the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) program started in the late '90s. Food processors must keep explicit detail of their manufacturing and cleaning processes on a daily basis. This had become a paperwork nightmare for many manufacturers. As a result, BWS developed off-the-shelf HACCP Plan and Execution software solutions. However, since BWS had never sold ready-made software, they did not know where and how to begin selling the solutions.

BWS contracted with us to create a whole marketing campaign and distribution strategy based on their new software. We first surveyed the industry before the software was finalized to determine product viability, pricing strategies, and desired product features. Then we designed and developed the marketing collateral, created packaging, wrote web content, named the products, and developed distribution strategies.

Success: Right Product, Right Functionality, Industry Leadership

During the product survey, we uncovered an industry need, to provide an Execution functionality to complement the HAACP plan and proving these food safety plans were in use. As a result, BWS remains one of the only software companies to provide this functionality. The products are a huge success in the industry. This has allowed BWS to grow substantially, become an industry leader, and be acquired.