Publicity For Business, Technology, Economic Development & IPO Announcement

Announced Eircom's Successful IPO on the NASDAQ exchange.

Eircom, the newly privatized, national telecommunications carrier of Ireland, sought greater publicity of its Web capabilities, telecom technologies, Internet connectivity, and related benefits of doing business in Ireland, such as low taxes, educated workforce, strong technology infrastructure, and ability to serve all of Europe.

Press Conference & Invitation

Planned multi-partner press conference to announce the e-commerce initiative of Ireland, at the Internet Commerce Expo in Boston. Designed and wrote invitations for conference and reception. Wrote a joint press release and through all parties, gaining satisfaction with the final product. Assured positive relationships between the partners and created the joint message issued. Researched locations and coordinated reception after the press conference. Contacted reporters attending the trade show. Followed up with reporters at relevant trade publications.
Direct quotes from conference and release were printed in, Information Week, E-Commerce World and regional (Boston) newspapers. Telecom Ireland won praise from its partners: EMC, Industrial Development Agency of Ireland, and Viking Office Products. Leveraged the relationships established with partners to generate later press coverage to the benefit of the client, Eircom.


Wrote and edited content for 17 page (8 1/2 x 11), full color brochure.


Developed format, wrote, and edited content of 8 pages (8 1/2 x 11), full-color newsletter, which is sent to existing and potential customers and included in the Press Kit. Drafted the layout of a newsletter using PageMaker to organize content and assist with graphics and final printing.

Case Studies

Interviewed Siemens for a case study on Eircom's call center incubator in Cork Ireland. Wrote and edited content for the case study. Edited content of DoubleClick case study for call center incubator in Dublin, Ireland.

Press Kit

Developed biographies (bios) for each corporate spokesperson, company profile (backgrounder), and press releases for distribution to targeted media.

Speaking Opportunity Mangement

Researched trade show opportunities for Eircom, including possible speaking engagements. Contacted reporters on trade show's media lists for one-on-one interviews with Eircom personnel during trade shows.

Media Relations

Developed a list of media outlets, targeting reporters and editors on the correct beat. Created an editorial calendar from relevant publications that targeted future stories for the inclusion of Eircom. Contacted media via e-mail, mail, and telephone when the news is released or relevant story information is needed by publications based on editorial guidelines.

Web Site

Advised Eircom on content and organization of Web site based on standards of on-line vs. hard copy documentation and usability issues.