Example of Information Security Expert Bio

Tari Schreider is the director of Security Practice for Extreme Logic. Extreme Logic aids clients in the areas of extensive security planning, rigorous implementation, strategic security assessments, risk evaluation, vulnerability testing, and disaster recovery capability, along with policies and procedures that maintain tight reins on corporate information assets. Tari's practice is based on three fundamental truths of security: security initiatives demand a business orientation; mitigating threat requires the protection of applications from the inside out; and effective security requires the orchestration of people, process, and technology. Too often, these tenets of security are ignored in pursuit of a technology silver bullet, rather than embraced in an enterprise-wide pursuit of information asset protection. Schreider finds that companies spend fortunes on security products and managed services, but continue to be overrun with viruses, hacked web sites, and loss of critical information. Tari's practice reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of security for clients while significantly reducing their vulnerabilities to today's Information Security (INFOSec) threats.

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