Here are examples of how MediaFirst uses the Facebook Social Plug-Ins, driven by Facebook's Javascript SDK.  These tools create the Facebook Widgets that you can see displayed on this page.  You will also see many of these on nearly every page of the site, such as the Like Button (iLike).

The Social Plug-Ins are:

  • Like Button
  • Like Box
  • Comments
  • Recommendations
  • Live Stream
  • Friendpile
  • Activity Feed
  • Share

Like Box:  Below, find the Like Box, which lets the Web visitor Like your Fan Page directly from your site.  It has a scrolling area that offers the feed from the Facebook Fan Page and displays photos of many of your website's fans.

Like Button:  We are probably most familiar with the Like Button, which we find across the website we visit.  

Comments: The Facebook Comments Widget can be found on pages that allow comments, like this blog post on Twitter Influence & Tracking tools


Live Stream:  I haven't implemented the Live Stream, which shows status updates.  You can find Facebook's description and example here:

Friendpile:  The Friendpile is displayed within the Like Box; it shows photos of the people that Like your page (became Fans).  You can see a standalone description here:

Activity Feed: An Acitivity Feed example is here:

Share button:  The Share button is powered by the Drupal module named "Share This."

How does MediaFirst present you with these different Facebook widgets?  Our site is build on the Drupal content management system (CMS), which free, open source software that is maintained by a dedicated community of developers.  Learn more at  Within the community, developers built modules (plug-ins) that add functionality to the base package.  We use the "Facebook social" module, which adds the Facebook Javascript SDK to Web pages, enabling the various Facebook Social Plug-ins (widgets).

Internationalization:  In addition to displaying all these great social widgets, the functionality from the module supports display in the native language of your visitors, given that you already support these languages on your website.