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Private Equity & Venture Capital

Private Equity (PE), Venture Capital (VC), or debt funding. Plus, announcements about executive team hires and board of directors positions. These include press releases, media interviews, social media posting, and publicity for:

  • Elemica (private equity x 2)
  • Command Alkon (private equity)
  • Transportation Insight (private equity)
  • Nolan Transportation Group (private equity)
  • LeanLogistics (Acquired by CHEP, now named BluJay)
  • Extreme Logic (Acquired by HP)
  • Optimus Solutions
  • Insight, Inc
  • Aether [NASDAQ: AETH]
  • Eircom [NASDAQ: EIR]
  • FaxNet funding (aquired by Critical Path)
  • iMedeon
  • Libit Signal Processing (acquired by Texas Instrument)
  • Merlot

Aether PR launch

Aether [NASDAQ: AETH] PR Launch from ground zero and initial analyst relations. Aether's wireless and mobile data services can increase efficiency and productivity for companies in the financial services marketplace. We helped position Aether as the industry leader through PR promotion of the Reuters MarketClipTM that delivers financial information to the palm of your hand.

  • Fast start with first-week coverage by 2 of the 3 top financial dailies
  • Confirmed David Oros, CEO & Chair, as a wireless data pioneer
  • Launched first financial services offerings with Reuters
  • Wireless data, wireless Web-based B2B services, financial services, Inc.

PR Launch from ground zero

  • Launched CCBN's Web-based, Investor Relations (IR) services for publicly traded corporations
  • Excelled in leverage of the time and reputation of founders
  • Our CEO, Jim Caruso, placed a story with Pete Barlas in Investor's Business Daily (IBD). The story referenced Apple, Oracle, & Allied Materials; all customers of CCBN.
  • Secured press coverage of the launch, customers, & business partners
  • Financial services, Investor Relations (IR), Web-based B2B services

Eircom PR and marketing for the Economic Development of Ireland.

Eircom [NASDAQ: EIR], formerly Telecom Eireann/Telecom Ireland (US) PR, marketing, trade shows, press conferences, and event hospitality. Eircom IPO.

  • PR covering Eircom IPO, telecom, Internet, and economic development
  • Marketing, collateral development: brochure, invitation, etc.
  • Event planning and execution
  • Corporate identity change: publicized changes leading to IPO
  • Announcement of customers, services, hiring, partners & IPO
  • IPO, economic development, Ireland

Business plans that win VC meetings and introductions for:

  • RetailOps provides systems infrastructure services for multichannel retailers on an outsourced, or "managed service" basis, significantly reducing the risks of starting and operating a retail business. We rewrote the business plan and helped with the corporate organization at start-up.
  • Senior Technologies Corporation. We rewrote the Business Plan for venture funding for a healthcare and seniors housing industry community and portal.
  •, Inc. We developed the executive summary and business plan for B2B start-up for reselling of wireless network and subscriber equipment; launched the company through marketing communications, collateral development, web content, and public relations. Created and presented VC presentations to potential investors.

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