MediaFirst is a high-tech, public relations and marketing services firm with unique abilities that best publicize and promote the business of your technology. MediaFirst draws on a depth of technology business experience that other PR and marketing firms just do not have.  This powers great strategy, positioning, marketing, publicity, writing, and guidance. We get you more press coverage by better serving the media, reporters and editors, and your firm, customers, and partners.

We exceed expectations for media coverage through better service to the media, you, and your audience. The valuation of your business increases as we expand targeted audiences of prospects, customers, analysts, employees, alliance partners, investors, and the media. Steady increases in awareness generate sales leads, investor interest, and competitive advantage.

Clients enjoy combining PR with services that win speaking opportunities, gain industry analyst praise, draw consistently better media coverage, and garner significant industry awards.

Hot tech ventures, such as Aether, Bradley Ward, Canvas Systems, Extreme Logic, Frontline Selling, Gideon Technologies, Industrial Computer Corp., Insight, LeanLogistics, Optiant, Optimus, and many others select Media First PR - Atlanta on their way to success, funding, IPO, acquisition, and exit.

To accomplish your goals, we craft programs that:

  • Create Awareness In Your Targeted Audience
  • Build Mind Share
  • Impart Knowledge of Your Value Proposition
  • Establish Customer Loyalty
  • Synchronize The Marketing Attack
  • Secure Executive Thought-leadership
  • Engage Media & Analysts
  • Outmaneuver & Outshine Your Competition