Case Study: Client: Merlot Communications, Inc.

Merlot Communications was a telecommunications startup, established to design and manufacture converged, datacom and telecom, equipment for small to medium business enterprises (SMB or SME). At the start, Merlot had four employees and no outside funding. The company wanted to raise capital, raise its profile, and play successfully in the growing telecommunications/network equipment market.

Project: Launch the Venture, Establish Techology & Market Leadership

From the beginning, we implemented an aggressive media relations campaign, promoting the value of Merlot's unique technology and value to end users, channels, and potential investors. We immediately secured placements for Merlot in internetworking equipment, telecommunications, computer telephony and IT trade press outlets. We secured significant and frequent coverage in telecom, datacom, venture capital, and IT trade press, tech business press, and national press. Coupled with the meetings with industry analysts, these efforts established the market strength of the management team, technology, and products.
We were able to gain press coverage by addressing the industry issues around the convergence of telecom and datacom.  This stance gave Merlot mindshare and a market presence, even before any product was announced.

Success: Three Successful Rounds of Funding

During our work for Merlot, they raised over $12 million in three rounds, two rounds of private placements and one round of venture capital funding. During our work with Merlot, the firm continued to be well known, maintaining fine relationships with its target audiences, such as media, analysts, employees, telcos (Local Exchange Carriers, [LEC]), Data LECs (such as some ISPs), and investors.