Cissie: Enthusiastic Team Member at M1PR

Dog: Cissie, Dog, Dogs of M1PR


Age: 6 years
Sex: Female
Weight: 14 pounds
Breed: Mutt, maybe some Jack Russell

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Cissie wants to please as long as she is not napping. She is ready to go on an adventure at a moment’s notice. However, if napping, best to leave her alone; the “let sleeping dogs lie” advice applies here.

When out, she is unperturbed by people or pets. This makes her a great companion.

Her friends, Ollie and especially Marti, bark at every shifting wind, new face, or pup.

Without them around, Cissie is a joy; with them, they all bark too much

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Crooked adorable teeth.

Healthy. A little knock-kneed. Clean. Sheds a little.

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Jim runs a tight ship with the guidance of his four-legged Personal Assistants (PAs), Cissie, Mart, and Ollie.

He enjoys walks, cooking, beers, whiskeys, and pet-friendly restaurants.