Thank you for visiting Below is basic navigation help. MEDIAFIRST.NET HOME PAGE BASICS The global header provides consistent navigation to any part of the site from the top of the page. Sections of the Global Header 1. MediaFirst logo returns you to MediaFirst home page. 2. Primary areas of the site are always available from the global header. 3. Login or sign up for Website participation and Client access areas upon request. 4. Jump directly to an area of the site that serves you based on your relationship to MediaFirst, e.g., partner, developer. 5. Search is available within a Navigation bar. Overview of a Page Each section of the site has a common look and feel. Below the global header are a left column with navigation bar, a central content section and a right column section. 1. MediaFirst logo links to Home page 2. Global header and search bar appear on all pages. 3. Left navigation bar: Drills down through site sections, such as for viewing a page in the "Services" section. 4. Links on the left may also display as items in the middle or right sections. 5. Links on the right typically pertain to news, news coverage, highlights, promotions, and events. MediaFirst Home Page: Navigating the Site 1. Left navigation bar for Drills down to each area of the site. 2. Left navigation bar opens up with additional options as you drill down deeper within the Web site.