PBS&J Selects Gideon Technologies' SecureFusion(TM) To Establish Comprehensive Information Security Program

PBS&J Selects Gideon Technologies' SecureFusion(TM)

To Establish Comprehensive Information Security Program

E-Discovery Process Eliminates Rogue Assets & Improves Visibility

ATLANTA, GA -- February 25, 2009 -- Gideon Technologies, the leading provider of information security solutions that help you prioritize and measure IT risk against policy and compliance objectives, announces that PBS&J, an architecture/engineering/construction firm, recently selected SecureFusion(TM) to build a solid information security program for the company. SecureFusion was used to assess the current enterprise security landscape, reduce rogue assets, maintain an approved applications list, and manage configuration standards and security policies.

"When I started at PBS&J, I was charged with building a comprehensive information security program, but before I could begin, I needed a complete and current picture of the network," said Devon Chalmers, technology operation security director at PBS&J. "Having successfully deployed SecureFusion at a previous position in a large regional bank, I was positive it would deliver accurate and continuous asset discovery, vulnerability, configuration, and policy management. SecureFusion helped us visualize the enterprise IT landscape, manage vulnerability remediation, and capture configuration details for all assets."

"As any Chief Information Security Officer knows within most companies there are diverse network environments, lack of complete visibility, and discrete teams within IT that complicate the e-discovery process," said Kenneth Halley, CEO of Gideon Technologies. "SecureFusion establishes sound policy, corrects outstanding issues, and reduces overall risk."

The SecureFusion software suite consists of asset discovery and vulnerability, configuration, and policy management capabilities. It continuously visualizes all IT assets, prioritizes risk, and measures remediation efforts for the most complete and accurate risk assessment process. SecureFusion presents an executive dashboard with a single view of IT risk metrics that includes prioritization and workflow as well as dynamic, comprehensive reporting.

Using SecureFusion's continuous discovery scanning process, PBS&J quickly found rogue assets on the network, various pieces of unknown hardware, and captured all applications installed on each computer, giving the firm a solid starting point for building their IT security program. Each of the 10,000 applications were reviewed and categorized. All non-approved applications were also categorized, enabling automatic and continuous review of the environment against rogue applications for rapid remediation of associated security and licensing risks.

PBS&J maintains mobile business units used at a moment's notice in the wake of natural disasters and other emergencies. The company's anytime, anywhere service capability keeps the network in flux and requires extra vigilance on the part of IT security. SecureFusion notifies the team when a mobile office site with network access is set up, ensuring that security policies are maintained despite a constantly shifting perimeter.

SecureFusion's vulnerability and configuration management functions provide a continuous auditing process for measuring and ensuring compliance with security standards. The centralized, service-oriented architecture (SOA)-based SecureFusion Portal contains all of PBS&J's IT asset and configuration data, making it easily accessible by different groups. The portal view can be altered by departmental role, so that security teams readily find vulnerability information, while network operations can focus on asset configuration details. "With SecureFusion, we have been able to build efficiencies, streamline processes, and meet the company's growth initiatives in a secure manner," added Devon Chalmers.

About Gideon Technologies

Gideon Technologies develops network security and compliance solutions that give a clear view into IT assets and risk. SecureFusion(TM) provides real-time visualization of every network-attached asset along with risk profile, enabling metrics and prioritization for remediation or mitigation. The solution provides private and public sector organizations with actionable data to compare against corporate and government standards or guidelines. Secure Fusion(TM) has been validated by leading standards bodies, such as NIST, the National Institute of Standards & Technology, which establishes guidelines and checklists for the security configuration of operating systems and applications, such as the Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC). SecureFusion(TM) has been validated for FDCC scanning and additional Secure Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) capabilities, establishing SecureFusion(TM) as the leading standards-based platform for supporting enterprise IT Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) initiatives. The SecureFusion suite is comprised of integrated modules for Asset Discovery, Vulnerability Management, Configuration Management, and Policy Management that feed data into the SecureFusion Portal, a service-oriented architecture (SOA) interface to identify, manage, and measure information security (infosec) risks. Gideon Technologies also offers External Perimeter Monitoring Service for continuous security monitoring of an organization's Internet points-of-presence and Internet-accessible systems. For more information, please find us on the Web at http://www.GideonTechnologies.com or by telephone at (770) 783-5270. "Know your assets. Know your risk."


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