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AutoScheduler.AI Wins 2021 Green Supply Chain Award

Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE) Award Recognizes Companies that Prioritize Sustainability to be a Core Part of Its Supply Chain Strategy

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AutoScheduler.AI, an innovative Warehouse Management System (WMS) accelerator, announces that Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE) has selected the company as a recipient of the SDCE 2021 Green Supply Chain Award, which recognizes companies that prioritize sustainability to be a core part of its supply chain strategy. AutoScheduler.AI was chosen because it helps global companies with their sustainability efforts by helping to lower CO2 emissions, reduce mileage, and use less fuel.

“As distribution centers slowly move towards more and more automated systems, the AutoScheduler team mission is to ensure that human and robotic systems can operate synonymously, and we are always pursuing the most efficient course of action inside of a distribution center,” said Keith Moore, Chief Product Officer, AutoScheduler.AI. “This means that AutoScheduler will drive sustainability by ensuring that the right course of action is taken for every task, even down to the role of assigning the appropriate actor, to help reduce waste and drive more sustainable operations inside of massive operations.”

“There are several industry experts and market research reports detailing AutoScheduler.AI that regardless of the pandemic, shortages, natural disasters, and other supply chain disruptions, sustainability still remains a top priority in the supply chain. Whether it's a new solution, a new program, or just simply a new way of doing business, these winners showcased heightened attention to social responsibility and environmental governance," says Marina Mayer, Editor-in-Chief of Supply & Demand Chain Executive and Food Logistics. “Regardless of the challenges the supply chain industry faces, a sustainable supply chain continues to win in the end.”

AutoScheduler helps global manufacturers with their sustainability and green supply chain efforts by:

  • Proactively creating lower touch opportunities like cross-docking, which brings materials through one door and ships them out through the adjacent door, to streamline operations. By cross-docking, trucks don’t sit in the yard idling as long. Limiting idling reduces carbon emissions.
  • Reducing the need for additional trucks. Warehouse operations struggle to keep up with growing demands, labor issues, and a myriad of additional constraints. To meet on-time fulfillment commitments, often, warehouse managers will expedite shipments from the warehouse or add additional trucks to ship products. This leads to greater fuel usage and more emissions. AutoScheduler streamlines operations at the warehouse to reduce this struggle and the need to add additional transportation, lowering fuel usage.
  • Balancing inventory, receipts, transfers, and customer shipments across multiple buildings on campus with the appropriate timing is challenging and costly. AutoScheduler optimally balances inventory across buildings to reduce intra-campus transfers, which saves on fuel.
  • AutoScheduler operates one level above robotic systems today, leveraging data from Warehouse Management, Yard Management, Order Management, Visibility, and Production systems to provide a single, unified view of operations. This unified view shows all digital transactions and data flows, reducing the need for paper, which can save trees.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive is the only publication covering the entire global supply chain. The SDCE 2021 Green Supply Chain Awards recognize companies making green or sustainability a core part of their supply chain strategy and are working to achieve measurable sustainability goals within their operations and supply chains. The awards also recognize providers of supply chain solutions and services assisting their customers in achieving measurable sustainability goals. Go to to view the complete list of 2021 Green Supply Chain winners.

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