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Email Marketing Solutions Firm MailChimp Triples International Subscriber Base

Email Marketing Solutions Firm MailChimp Triples International Subscriber Base Google, weak US Dollar, and the latest technology trends help Atlanta, GA based email marketing solutions provider increase customer base. Atlanta, GA - January 23, 2008 - MailChimp, a small Atlanta-based technology company, establishes a global footprint of over 15,000 subscribers. The email marketing solutions firm more than tripled their international subscriber base with the help of Google, a weak US Dollar, and the latest technology trends. "With the rapid adoption of new Internet technologies, small businesses like MailChimp can now attain an expansive worldwide footprint with limited upfront investment," said Ben Chestnut, Co-Founder of MailChimp. "As a result of the changing trends in technology, MailChimp has enjoyed dramatic growth internationally over the last 18 months." Google has played an integral role in the success of MailChimp's international growth. The email marketing solution provider reaches a global audience attracting customers from 79 countries. MailChimp takes advantage of Google Translate to aid in successfully responding to help tickets written in languages other than English. MailChimp relies heavily on search engine traffic through MonkeyBrains, a blog dedicated to educating email marketers on how to get the most from their email marketing campaigns. Partners like make it easier to accept payments from international customers by providing the commercial infrastructure for handling MailChimp's international transactions. manages currency conversion and extensive anti-fraud technology to protect MailChimp from potential losses in faraway lands. "The continuing decline in the US Dollar has helped MailChimp double its subscriber base through international expansion," said Chestnut. "A weak US Dollar equates to cheaper expenses for our international customers, making it more affordable and attractive to subscribers around the world to signup for email marketing services." MailChimp stated they are seeing small businesses overseas spending amounts that only larger, higher-volume businesses in the United States would normally spend. "As a MailChimp customer located in Prahran, Australia, we can utilize the email marketing service to send emails to our mailing list quickly and easily," said Kerri Bennett, Online Producer at Hardie Grant Publishing. "MailChimp's service provides us with all the tools we need to setup, test, and launch our email marketing campaigns." Support for multiple languages has added to MailChimp's growth. Although MailChimp is an English based service, the email marketing service supports Latin based characters for nearly every country in the world. About MailChimp MailChimp, a leading do-it-yourself email marketing service, provides tools to over 15,000 small businesses, design agencies, non-profits, restaurants, and e-Commerce organizations worldwide. Customers can create professional, eye-catching HTML emails in minutes with easy-to-use web based tools. MailChimp offers a 30-day free trial with two affordable pricing programs: monthly and pay-as-you-go. The Atlanta, GA based company provides top-notch tools for email marketers to easily send, track, and improve their email marketing efforts. To learn more about MailChimp, visit