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IntelliTrans’ DockMaster Lowers Detention Fees and Eliminates Wasted Time in the Yard

One Shipper Went from 64% of Loads Subject to Demurrage to 15% in the First Month

ATLANTA, April 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IntelliTrans, the leader in global multi-modal solutions that optimize supply chain operations for bulk and break-bulk product manufacturers, improves detention with its DockMasterSM solution. IntelliTrans’ dock door scheduling tool, DockMaster, is a SaaS-based application that provides real-time visibility to make scheduling dock appointments easier and more accurate.

“Many companies pay insufficient attention to what is going on in the yard despite increased congestion, adversely affecting a driver's Hours of Service requirements and, therefore, driver satisfaction,” said Ken Sherman, president, IntelliTrans. "Being a shipper of choice is crucial in today’s supply chain, and having dissatisfied drivers at your carriers does not result in that outcome. It is estimated that the trucking industry loses $1.3 billion annually waiting at customer facilities to pick up and deliver cargo."

DockMaster helps shippers and carriers improve communications and reduce errors. Planning labor to ensure workers are available to load and unload cargo helps keep drivers on the road, reducing congestion in the yard. Shippers use DockMaster to schedule pickups and deliveries by their selected carriers, routing them to a pre-assigned loading or unloading door. 

“Carriers charge accessorial fees to shippers to drive better behavior. Detention time is a big issue for fleets and can lead to demurrage fees that eat into profits,” adds Sherman. “IntelliTrans DockMaster improves efficiencies and reduces wait times. It also reduces excess greenhouse gas emissions caused by trucks idling at your facilities.”

With DockMaster, shippers get real-time visibility into what is happening in the yard. They can configure an appointment book for any location in minutes based on its business rules. Carriers schedule dock appointments online, and they know which products to load, the hours of operation of the shipper, shipping instructions, and more. With DockMaster, bottlenecks at the dock or in the yard are eliminated. One shipper went from 64% of loads subject to demurrage to 15% in the first month DockMaster was deployed for them.

Outbound and subsequent inbound scheduling can provide advance shipping notifications and proofs of delivery throughout the supply chain. DockMaster is also a module within the IntelliTrans TMS, allowing users to manage their rail, truck, intermodal, ocean, and barge shipments in a single platform.

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