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IntelliTrans Introduces IntelliVision: A Live Q&A on the Transportation Industry

The Great Resignation, Precision Scheduled Railroading, and Success After the Pandemic are Key Topics

ATLANTA, July 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IntelliTrans, the leader in global multi-modal solutions that optimize supply chain operations for bulk and break-bulk product manufacturers, introduces IntelliVision, a live interactive Q&A webinar about the state of the transportation industry with replays available online. The first episode covered: the great resignation, rail performance, and how shippers can be most successful after the pandemic. Future episodes will be scheduled quarterly. Viewers can subscribe to IntelliVision on the IntelliTrans YouTube Channel.

“Our first episode featured Brian Cupp, Director of Operations at IntelliTrans, and myself discussing key challenges and issues affecting our customers and the industry,” said Ken Sherman, President of IntelliTrans. "These issues included hiring and retaining talent, precision scheduled railroading, and the new normal for shippers.”

IntelliTrans' customers have challenges hiring talent due to The Great Resignation that started during the pandemic. IntelliTrans’ business is built around people – IntelliTrans’ team delivers the services and products that IntelliTrans provides. The company has found it is no longer just competing locally for talent but across the country for the same type of people to hire. However, the company retains talent because of excellent benefits and compensation, its focus on employee satisfaction and engagement, and helping people feel valued for their work for customers.

“Not many people have longevity at the same company anymore,” said Brian Cupp, Director of Operations at IntelliTrans. “But I’ve been with IntelliTrans for 23 years, and Ken has been here for 19 years. Managers at IntelliTrans pride themselves on listening to people, recognition beyond compensation, and developmental growth.”

The next topic on the first episode of IntelliVision was Rail Performance. Railroads are public companies that must report performance to stakeholders as an operating ratio. The railroads have driven costs down with Precision Scheduled Railroading (PSR), a methodology to provide consistent, reliable, predictable service. This methodology has presented challenges in the first and last mile of a journey. The biggest challenge is facilities with limited footprints – few rail lines are available at a plant or distribution yard. If a schedule is missed, timelines can cascade for weeks, making it almost impossible to catch up on delivery schedules. Rail has also seen an increase in accessorial fees because of missed schedules and more cross-border documentation requirements.

“The sheer magnitude of volume our customers ship is remarkable – one steel shipper ships 15,000 railcars per month, each carrying 100 tons of steel. You can imagine what happens if the schedule is missed. It isn’t practical to go to your local hardware store to pick up a bunch of steel to fill an order of that size,” adds Sherman.

"Plus, many service disruptions are tied to labor. It started pre-pandemic at the railroads, accelerated during the pandemic, and railroads are struggling with labor shortages because rail volume recovered quicker than expected. Some of the railroads have asked their customers to reduce the volume of shipments," adds Cupp.

IntelliTrans works hard to help customers optimize their rail networks to meet precise schedules by offering technology that provides visibility into transportation management and managed transportation services to augment the workforce.

The last IntelliVision episode 1 topic, "How Shippers Can Be Most Successful After the Pandemic," focused on the new normal of significant supply and demand imbalance and the interconnected supply chain. Disruptions around the world have made demand spikes erratic with shorter cycles. The pandemic accelerated everything and taught many lessons to people and companies.

“Companies need to design processes that work with people who continue to work remotely,” adds Sherman. “Plus, businesses need technology that provides visibility into what is changing in the world and the downstream impact of varying demand. Building relationships with trust drives transparency and collaboration, which are keys to success in this volatile market.”

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