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IntelliTrans Makes ERP Integration Easy Across Ocean, Rail, Barge, Truck, and Intermodal Shipments

Industry’s Best Customer Experience with ERP Integration from IntelliTrans

ATLANTA, Feb. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IntelliTrans, the leader in global multi-modal solutions for optimizing supply chain operations, announces simplified real-time ERP integrations. The IntelliTrans integrations enable shippers to have visibility from a purchase order number (as well as other important reference numbers and information)— something that few competitors can provide for even a single mode of freight, much less all freight transportation modes: ocean, rail, barge, truck, and intermodal.

“We work together with companies like IntelliTrans to figure out what we need for the future,” says Laura Eory, Sr. Manager Transportation at GAF.

"The IntelliTrans OMSI (Open Message Systems Interface) feeds data that enables TMS execution and advanced functionality," said Ken Sherman, President of IntelliTrans. "Because of complete, timely, and accurate data, shippers get unique visibility and efficiency benefits when combining the IntelliTrans Control Tower with the TMS. IntelliTrans reduces implementation complexity for the customer, greatly reducing the required resources."

Shippers often have multiple ERP systems from each company they acquired. Each ERP may be different in version, schema, and even database. When buying a supply chain package, a typical provider has to blend different solutions for each, resulting in integration efforts that can take one to three years depending on scope and complexity. OMSI provides a single integration in the same scenario, decreasing the deployment duration and effort.

Access to Supply Chain Data

With only standard SSL network access, the OMSI client interface handles all communications with the IntelliTrans servers. The IntelliTrans interface buffers transactions if a connection is down, automatically reconnects when up, retransmits transactions as needed, and maintains the sequence across transaction types. Also, it rebuilds gaps in data.

The ERP data interfaces are lightweight, handle software versions, and can run against existing schema and database that has JDBC drivers, such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and MySQL.

OMSI Open Message Systems Interface

Shippers take advantage of the OMSI client in mixed ERP system environments for flexible and reliable interfaces communicating via an open API (application programming interface). IntelliTrans’ OMSI handles message sequencing, queuing, retransmission, acknowledgment, and history down to the transaction level.

Exception Handling Improvement

IntelliTrans provides the data and visibility down to the customer purchase order (PO), which is how people want to track shipments. What do shippers avoid… check calls! Plus, even when delayed, the customer gets a pro-active alert about the shipment from just a PO number. The customer can plan around the issue and does not need to know which carrier or truck has the shipment.

About IntelliTrans

IntelliTrans, a Roper Technologies company, provides unified and proactive solutions to manage complex supply chain needs. Customers are nimble and efficient with the global supply chain transparency powered by the IntelliTrans cloud-based Control Tower (Global Visibility Platform℠) and IntelliTrans TMS (transportation management system), the only SaaS-based TMS that provides shipment execution and visibility across rail, truck, intermodal, barge, and ocean. IntelliTrans enables complete, timely, and accurate data, allowing customers to automate business processes, improve customer service, and reduce operational costs. From real-time alerts to interactive data visualizations, IntelliTrans gives organizations the tools to ask deeper questions and deliver more impactful results. Website:

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