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M1PR Supports the People of Ukraine

We Hope for a Quick and Peaceful End to the War

M1PR employees are deeply concerned by the disturbing and unprovoked war in Ukraine. Death, destruction, and displacement are heartbreaking. This war--and all war-- causes countless lives lost and millions of innocent civilians displaced. Our mission and values lead us to support the people of Ukraine. We hope for a quick and peaceful resolution to the war. 

M1PR is pledging to help support the people of Ukraine through the company's 2:1 charitable match, doubling employee donations supporting the international relief efforts. The company supports charities, such as the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). We first learned of NRC through our supplier Twilio and its charitable initiatives.

Although M1PR has no critical business in Russia and Ukraine from a revenue or supply chain perspective, we have software suppliers with staff in Ukraine and Belarus. These staff have suffered because of Russian political interference, funding, and intervention. We have no customers in Russia.   

While M1PR does not have offices in Russia or Ukraine, employees have friends and family in Ukraine and bordering countries that are impacted by the war. We encourage employees to consider their and their family's mental health under the distress of war.

The scenes of war, devastation, and refugee exodus from Ukraine are distressing. We admire the resilience of the people of Ukraine and we stand in their support.

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