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Optiant Introduces PowerChain 6 with New Inventory Optimization Capabilities and Centralized Administration Porta

Features include Multi-Language Interface, Integrated Security, and Usability Enhancements Boston, MA – February 17, 2009 – Optiant, the premier provider of inventory planning and inventory optimization solutions, announces version 6 of its industry-leading PowerChain software suite for supply chain optimization. Based on input from world-class supply chain businesses, PowerChain version 6 delivers new and enhanced capabilities that power global supply chains to generate working capital and boost customer service levels. The new PowerChain Portal, a gateway to all PowerChain modules, centralizes authentication and security functions, and facilitates user maintenance.

“These enhancements are driven by our experience with recent large global deployments,” said Fred Lizza, president and CEO of Optiant, Inc. “We’ve added enterprise-wide administration and maintenance capabilities with the new PowerChain Portal module. This makes deployment easier, faster, and less expensive in the corporate IT environment. Customers get tighter control over administration, making our solutions fit nicely in their existing environments.”

PowerChain Portal centralizes access to, maintenance, and configuration of all PowerChain inventory optimization products. It provides common functions such as logging, authentication, data layers, and more across the platform, making it simple to configure the PowerChain products and components using a new database that contains user profiles and configuration information for all installed PowerChain modules. The portal’s executive dashboard lets users connect directly to Optiant customer support and to the user community, where clients can collaborate, communicate, and exchange ideas with the Optiant support team and other PowerChain customers.

In addition, a new utility application, the PowerChain Service Manager, enables an administrator to manage all the PowerChain services from one console. PowerChain Planner 6 adds new functionality to the optimization engines, user interface, ERP integration, and installation processes that help clients leverage their supply chain for a greater competitive advantage.

* New rules specify limits and configure demand and forecast error more precisely. Demand characterization can be adjusted automatically for forecast error based on forecast bias.

* Time periods can be ignored if demand history and historical forecast are zero.

* Supply chain planners can accept or reject targets on a SKU-by-SKU basis, determining which items get exported to their Advanced Planning or ERP systems and which do not.

* Target level and periods of supply can be adjusted for different items and time periods, for more flexibility.

* Location-specific capabilities provide a multi-language user interface. Version 6 of PowerChain Inventory for strategic planning, analysis, and inventory policy setting also receives significant enhancements:

* Inventory costs can be quantified across the extended enterprise, identifying where and why to adjust inventory policies or levels.

* New currency types and capabilities can be used in various tiers or stages of the global supply chain model to simplify the planning process.