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Parade Helps Covenant Logistics Power the Move to Digital Bookings

Brokerage Upgrades from Analog, Saving Hours and Booking Quickly

SAN FRANCISCO, June 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Parade, the leader in software for freight brokers that drives digital transformation with its truckload capacity management platform, announces integration with the freight brokerage operations of Covenant Logistics Group, Inc. (NASDAQ/GS: CVLG). Covenant’s freight brokers used traditional methods, but Parade’s platform will fill a technology gap required to stay competitive in this rapidly evolving market. The relationship enables a quicker transition from manual to digital freight bookings.

“Covenant’s booking process had been mostly manual, with reps calling or emailing carriers. The reps had to handle negotiations and bookings through spreadsheets and a splendid memory,” states Chairman and Chief Executive Officer David R. Parker. “Parade gives Covenant reps digital bookings and integrations with syndication partners so they can post and manage incoming quotes and confirmations of ‘Book Now’ loads without ever leaving the Parade platform.”

“Parade acts like a carrier CRM that houses data to manage carrier preferences and better match carriers with the ideal load. Knowing carrier preferences lets our reps build more solid relationships with carriers,” said Patrick Childs, Senior Director of Strategic Services at Covenant. “Parade moves us 10 years into the future regarding our ability to service our customers and grow our business.”

“Parade’s capacity management platform fills a critical gap for our logistics enterprise customers, specifically around digitally managing and executing truckload capacity. Parade helps minimize inefficiencies and maximize profitability for Covenant Logistics,” said Preet Sivia, President and Co-founder of Parade. “Freight brokers find that Parade is an essential part of their technology stack to automate and digitize their logistics operations at any scale, from hundreds of trucks to hundreds of thousands.”

Parade gives one place to store carrier preference information, including new information that the freight brokers touch every day. Parade helps customers increase digital bookings by 30 percent on average, leading to greater revenues.

About Covenant Logistics Group, Inc.

Covenant Logistics Group, Inc., through its subsidiaries, offers a portfolio of transportation and logistics services to customers throughout the United States. Primary services include asset-based expedited and dedicated truckload capacity, as well as asset-light warehousing, transportation management, and freight brokerage capability. In addition, Transport Enterprise Leasing is an affiliated company providing revenue equipment sales and leasing services to the trucking industry. Covenant's Class A common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market® under the symbol, “CVLG.”

About Parade

Parade is the leader in software for freight brokers, offering truckload capacity management that drives carrier access and digital transformation. Reimagine freight brokerage operations through transformational software workflows, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Parade partner ecosystem. Manage relationships efficiently, increase truckload capacity, and re-utilize carriers to find the right truck at the best price at the right time. Brokers and 3PLs grow profits by booking more loads, increasing operational efficiencies, and boosting productivity. Visit us online at


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