Sales Funnel: Imparting Knowledge Influences Your Prospect To Become Your Customer 

Before our PR work, our team sold and marketed high tech equipment, software, and services. This technology evangelism enables us to clearly formulate and communicate your value proposition. You get clearly developed, concise messages that set you apart.

Sample experiences include:

New Product Launches

     Our survey of its prospective customers gave Bradley Ward Systems (BWS) a head start on pricing, product features, the basis of competition, and competitors for a new software product. They asked us to uncover the needs for software functionality that addressed government-mandated, hazard–analysis (HACCP) for food processing. The new software resulted in substantial new revenues and profit — that triggered acquisition.

Branding & Product Marketing Create New Growth

Former client, INSIGHT Inc. (Manassas, VA) is a leading consulting company in strategic supply chain planning, which was promoting only consulting services. They had developed an underlying proprietary technology, named the X-System ®, which we promoted as a series of software offerings for direct sale and OEMs. We repositioned the company to license the underlying technology to OEMs and package their software as a separate product offering. The result is more sales channels and higher revenues.

Imparting Knowledge Of Your Value Proposition

With insightful strategies and innovative design, we create and execute marketing and PR programs — producing collaterals, campaigns, and tools that bring success, funding, notoriety, and awards to GuardedNet, PointServe, Bradley Ward Systems (BWS), Industrial Computer Corporation (ICC), Machine Kinetics, and many others. These efforts resulted in increased awareness of their brand identity, sales growth, or acquisition.