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SEO Boosts Page Ranking via Buyer Keywords

On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Buyer Intent

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SEO can boost your page rank, increase website visitor traffic, and attract the right web visitors, buyers. Get your free SEO audit.

Getting web traffic is not enough, select “buyer keywords” that signal buyer interest or buyer intent and integrate these into your content. Buyer keywords boost your page rank in your market niche. Adding buyer keywords lets you rank better for the organic searches that matter to you. These are the online searches that attract visitors with “buyer intent” during the sales cycle.

Effective SEO Starts With Excellent, Focused Content

Our staff pick and place the right keywords in page titles, bulleted lists, headings (for example, h1, h2, h3). Place buyer keywords on each page of your website with moderate keyword density (no keyword stuffing) and tags (like ALT IMAGE tags), so that search engines know how your website helps visitors.

MediaFirst’s On-Page SEO Package Offering is available on request. 

  • Keyword research or review

  • Keyword mapping and optimization of website pages

  • Updating website pages

  • Rewriting content

  • Documenting content changes

  • These services require access to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and an account on your website that allows us to edit text and meta tags

We provide several services, such as SEO Audit, Article Links, Directory Listings, HubSpot, Inbound Links, Influencer Relations, Link Building, Link Exchange, Off-Page SEO, Social Bookmarking, Blog Comment Links, Local Directory Submission, Industry Directory Submissions, Association Directory Submission, Article Distribution, Search Engine Submission, and Company Profiles.

SEO campaigns by MediaFirst focus on the buyer keywords that your prospects and customer use when searching with buying intent. Earned Media and article marketing gets you a link from a reputable website to increase search traffic. Comprehensive B2B inbound marketing can convert traffic to leads with a Call-To-Action, Offer, Landing Page, and Lead Nurturing. Marketing automation software and proper sales practices can boost our ability to qualify leads and nurture leads that become a revenue opportunity and win a new customer.

Our process ties marketing, PR, and social media to your website and SEO as a complete content marketing program. For example, a press release generates traffic and inbound links for SEO improvement. We like issues-based content about your customers current problem or challenge.

MediaFirst ties SEO for each page to a Call-To-Action, offer, landing page with a form, redirect, and lead nurturing campaign - all the components for lead generation. 

Our SEO process involves an iterative process of Plan, Do, Measure, Fix.

  • Set Goals. Choose target audiences and review competitors.

  • Select SEO keywords, e.g., via a keyword suggestion tool.

  • Target website sections, such as Products, Services, Industries, Solutions, and more

  • Target individual web pages under a primary link (tab) of the website.

  • Include Press Releases, Blogs, and other content types, as desired.

  • Package keywords for each page, perform On-Page SEO.

  • Package Off-Page SEO to parallel the On-Page SEO via link building with keywords.

  • Measure and analyze keyword rank per page and against the competition.

  • Continuous analysis and improvement.

  • Identify and fix issues (e.g., broken inbound links need a 301 redirect).

  • Validation that website submission to search engines is working

  • Check for a valid XML site map.

Potential sources of links:

  • Press Releases

  • Local Directory Listings

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Articles via media/blogger relations

  • Earned media coverage with a link

  • A bylined article placed in a publication

  • Links from a white paper aggregator website

  • Link Exchange with an alliance partner

  • Link Exchange with a supplier

  • Programs of posting a comment to get a back link

  • Known publisher, association, and directory programs with guest posts that include back links

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