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Speaking Opportunity Management Agency For Your Busy Schedule

Speaking Engagement Management Agency

Secure Better Speaking Engagements and Captivate Larger Audiences

Are you ready to boost your public speaking career? Do you want more frequent and higher-profile speaking opportunities within your industry? Whether you are a seasoned speaker looking for better opportunities or a neophyte in need of direction, the professional support of an experienced public relations firm can have an extraordinary impact on your public speaking career.

With an experienced public relations firm by your side, you can book more visible engagements, captivate larger audiences within your industry and niche, and solidify your authority as an industry expert. MediaFirst helps you expand your brand awareness using the power of your own voice.

Do you want better speaking opportunities? Larger audiences? More authority? Call 770.642.2080 or submit this form now for a no-obligations, free consultation.

The Benefits of MediaFirst’s Speaking Opportunity Management

MediaFirst creates a calendar of speaking opportunities for your target industries, which include analyst, industry, association, and technology conferences. As part of these efforts, we:

  • Research trade shows and conferences and build annual calendar
  • Create speaking abstracts with bulleted learning objectives
  • Submit and manage abstracts on your behalf
  • Develop presentations
  • Make appointments with media attending conference
  • Create briefing book
  • Trade Show Support

For more than ten years, MediaFirst has helped power clients to successful acquisition and exit in all areas of public and media relations. MediaFirst’s speaking opportunities management secures you better speaking engagements, larger audiences, and more authority within your industry. Our tactics expand audiences, generate leads, attract investors, and solidify success.

Contact MediaFirst 770.642.2080 now for a free speaking engagements consultation.

Becky Boyd, @BeckyJBoyd , VP of MediaFirst PR, will be leading our #Marketing Your #Business in Today's Crowded #Market Powertalk at ELEVATE — Construction's Heavy Work Conference and Expo