Targeted Marketing Database Closes Business Faster

Database marketing is often the beginning of your customer relationship, developing through target marketing to Customer Relationship Management (CRM). A well-constructed and highly qualified database contains a whole library cataloging each customer's unique history, needs and desires.

Clients look to us to advise them on the most appropriate resources to use in building a marketing database, as well as on the most efficient data to capture on customers and prospects for maximum marketing effectiveness.

A marketing database is the ideal point of origin for a company to begin the planning process and to launch new and effective programs to increase sales. Media First PR - Atlanta will build a marketing database that is much more than names and addresses. It contains profiles of individual people and companies, how many times they've purchased or inquired, and how recent the last contact was.

  • Target your desired audiences, such as investors, prospects, customers, employees, partners, or analysts
  • Sales and prospect database design and management
  • Buy data base to reach targeted audiences
  • Create custom lists
  • Teleprospecting - highly complex or technical
  • Prepare and perform mailings
  • Process leads, including fulfillment and lead distribution to the right channel partner
  • Mailing campaigns