2018 Paul Thompson, founder and chairman of logistics services firm Transportation Insight in the WSJ

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Top PR Agency, PR Agency, Social Media Agency, Marketing Communications, Product Launch, Press Release, Media Relations, Event PR

PR is a third-party endorsement by the media that increases Awareness and Knowledge of your firm to drive valuation and brand. MediaFirst's PR Process ties client strategy directly to tactics, which embeds strategic thought into every communication with the media and every written deliverable.

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Select us for great coverage by business and technology media outlets (radio, television, print, blogs, and online). Your quote makes you the expert in the eyes of your customers, partners, prospects, employees, and investors. A Consistent, Periodic PR Process is best for accomplishing your goals. Press Releases are one tool that draws periodic notice by the media and your audiences. Review the Press Release archive.

MediaFirst's better results come from:

  • Strategic  Marketing Thinking That Chooses The Best Path
  • Serving The Media, Better Media Relations To Exceed Your Goals
  • Industry & Marketing Communications Knowledge, Which Means Quick Results
  • Rigorous Task Execution That Delivers Better Media Coverage
  • Fast Response & Consistent Results
  • A Proven PR Methodology & Approach That Achieves Consistent Success
  • A Total Package That Delivers Fame, Lead Generation, & Exit by Acquisition

Clients Enjoy Earned Media Attention

Clients have an impressive track record of breaking news in The Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily, Financial Times, Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, CIO, Information Week, Wired, CNN, CNBC, and the trade press that matter.

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