Style Conforming to Your Brand

We write using Chicago or AP style depending on the client's preference. We use the University of Chicago style, The Chicago Manual of Style, in writing about our agency.

Senior Writing Staff

Our four writers are senior staff with industry experience.

Established Writing Process

The editorial process runs from ideation to posting. We gather ideas in a brief. The client approves the brief. We go write. Writing or editing staff run the piece through our editorial process including Grammarly for basic errors, Grammarly for a plagiarism check, and a human editor using ProWritingAid and editing experience.

Rigorous Editing

At this point. we send the piece to the client for approval. Client approval is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for our effort, but also for the client. We expect relevant client feedback on our work, including prompt approval. When work does not get approved, the entire effort suffers, since less publicity is generated from the peience and by promoting the peience throughout social media networks.

Jim likes the weekly reporting from Grammarly and ProWritingAid

Jim writes. See Jim write. Write, Jim, write.

Grammarly Weekly Rating 99% by Jim Caruso