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More Than Two Million People Visit Pinterest Each Day. Are You "On Board?"

Daily, more than 2,000,000 people use Pinterest to share product information, create reminders about design styles or travel ideas, explore cultural and fashion topics, and learn new things. While 90% of users on Pinterest are women, more and more men are joining daily. In addition, the big brands, reporters, news outlets, blog publications and your competitors are all on Pinterest. Companies and brands that use Pinterest well, can generate more traffic to their websites. Often, Pinterest captures the attention of potential buyers of goods and services. You should be on Pinterest, too. Here’s how: Create Pinterest boards that tell your story to your target audience. Use your boards to appeal to the people you want to reach by showing them that you understand their challenges and that you offer things that will address and help solve these issues. Share things that are helpful to them. Tell your story by helping them. Use an expert photographer or graphics designer to showcase your product images. The pictures on Pinterest need to be colorful, eye-catching, and crisp so that you will draw your audience in. Make sure this is an image that your audience can identify with. Add a Pinterest share tab to your great images to encourage people to pass the word about your products and services. Learn from your audience what makes them tick by testing content, then targeting your boards to what interests them. Create custom landing pages on your website, grouped by product type, that will cater to incoming referrals from Pinterest. Add calls-to-action for other products your buyers might be interested in, along with informative content that they are enticed to read.