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Media Coverage and Awareness Metrics

A common question is, "how do I track media coverage?"

The shortest answer (metric) is that you see your company name and spokespersons in the media.

A more comprehensive answer is that the entire program generates a cascade of awareness via interview media coverage, byline articles, award wins, speaking events, blog posts, and social media posts. The social posts extend the reach of interviews, bylines, blogs, awards, and speaking engagements by widening the audience that sees the activity of your company, its executives, and the subject matter experts (SME).

One answer is in this recent article by Zapier on measuring brand awareness.
"How to measure brand awareness: 9 key metrics to track"

Some of the metrics mentioned by Zapier take configuration (like of Google Analytics, now GA4). 

A paid software product can track the metric "share of voice" metrics; because of their legal terms, we do not provide this. Most clients that bought these ended up canceling "share of voice" software because of high annual fees.

Although all efforts require some onboarding time, we know the industry, so there is little start-up time for our staff. Newspapers and magazines have lead times between story (interview) and publishing that can be days (daily news), weeks (weekly news), or months (most industry magazines). 

Although we will target industry publications, there are also business publications. Plus, those we select (with your agreement) will most likely cover your offerings and be on the right "beat" of the editor or reporter. We have a minimum expectation of one interview or byline per month over a year, but all our clients get much more. A typical client monthly report shows clients receiving more than one per month.

Media Relations can be hard to predict and will benefit from the responsiveness and collaboration of both our teams for the best success.

Media Coverage is often called press coverage.