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Today on our Marketing Blog, I'll write and be interviewed on Blog Marketing, Blog SEO, and Blog Writing. I was invited to speak with Bernie Wolford of Buckingham Business Review about blogging.

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Our blog reaches our audience of companies interested in Marketing, PR, and Social Media for lead generation. Here, we've been recognized as one of the top social media blogs, although this is also B2B Blogging focused, covering blog marketing, blog SEO, blog writing, social media blogs, and general blogging for business.

This video starts at the beginning but covers the fact that blogs attract online audiences. You target customers can be attracted by good content, backed by an understanding of the search terms that buyers are likely to use. I say, buyers because you can use high traffic search terms, but the important terms for SEO are the one that your prospective buyers will use.

Segment 1: MediaFirst CEO Jim Caruso, contributing to our series on Blogging

MediaFirst's Jim Caruso shares great tips regarding the use of Blogging as a business tool.


Welcome to Buckingham business review

I'm your host Bernie Wolford founder and

president of Buckingham associates our

video magazine is about the intersection

of strategy people and tactics and today

our subject is blogging I don't know

about many of you in our audience but

blogging has been around for a while but

I still hear a lot of questions about

the value of blogging frequency of

blogging is their ROI and blogging or is

it sort of a soft investment so we're

going to have a series of interviews

with special guests to really drill down

in this subject of blogging and to get

started I'm very pleased to have with me

my first guest mr. Jim Caruso of MediaFirst.

Jim welcome to Buckingham Business

Review and let's begin about telling our

audience a little bit about your firm

MediaFirst (M1PR, Inc.).


Thank you, Bernie, thanks very

much for having me today. MediaFirst (M1PR, Inc.) is

a marketing services firm. We we do a lot

of PR. PR helps our writing a lot,

helps us position our customers well, and

understand how to do that. We've been

doing marketing for 10 years and we've

been building websites for 10 years

these days, people want to

generate more leads. Marketing, PR, social

media, and websites for lead generation

is a good package. That's what we're



I guess one of my first

questions concerns the very definition

of blogging it probably means different

things to different people I know what

it means to me but why don't you share

with our audience what your definition

of blogging is and maybe how it fits

into your own personal work and

particularly blogging as a tool for some

of your clients.


That's interesting that

you're asking what blogging is on a

general basis but really any kind of

content on the web. You know more and

more people are on mobile today but any

kind of content on the web where people

are searching for a term they very often

will find your website because of the

blog that you have. A blog post is a

written piece that might be 350 to 500 words.

It's about a subject that's of interest

to the audience that you're trying to



If I approached you Jim with a blank

piece of paper and you've learned a

little bit about my company and I might

say is blogging for me do you have sort

of an immediate answer based on your


Or there are a couple of

follow-up questions to sort of I guess

help me learn what I might be doing

whether it's appropriate? 


I think that almost every company can benefit from

blogging as we look at how people are

marketing and selling today more and

more leads and more and more buyers

whether their consumer buyers or whether

their business buyers are searching on


the web once they are on the web


searching for a solution product or a


service you have the ability as a


business to attract those people to your


website in preference over your


competitors website right by blogging


right something tells me the proper


keywords inserted in my blog are as


important as the subject in my blog as


part of a search search engine and I am


i hearing that that correctly right


absolutely you can't always just be


keyword focused but keywords are very


important to attracting that that


first-time visitor who's has a search


term so it's you know it's very strange


you know SEO is kind of snake oil right


you understand so so people are selling


SEO and it kind of looks like snake oil


sales but blogging is really important


and the important part is finding your


audience so blogging about things that


are important to your audience and


unfortunately or fortunately keywords


are a big part of that ok now i have


several business relationships in fact


some our friendship relationships where


every day they are hitting me with


something and seldom is it relevant to


my interest so can't can it be overdone


I mean what are sort of some of the


limits and boundaries and do to keep


from falling into the ditch about


blogging so a frequency


metric is there a subject matter metric


I don't know that there's a really a


frequency metric I'd say at least a


couple days a week ok would be a good


thing a couple days a week will allow


you to have fresh content which both


pleases your audience and pleases Google


whose ranking one website over another


website right now how do I I guess I I'm


an industrial engineer by training and


by practice I like to have some sort of


metrics to tell me what's working and


what's not how do I get my hands around


whether or not my blogs are producing


the result I find 10 I think the best


way to figure out whether blogs are


giving you the results that you want is


to first of all measure the traffic that


you have okay like how many people are


coming to the blog and what blog post


are they coming to but there's a whole

science behind blogging and using blogs

to both please your audience and for

lead generation

So, you can provide

information to your audience and please

them by giving them by offering them

giving them an offer like a tip ship

sheet so the 10 tips on whatever your

blog coaches seem out of it okay and

then there are very much more direct

where you have a blog post on a subject

and you might say would you like to be

able to do this in your business click

here for your fast free quote.


Right, well we're visiting with Jim

Caruso of MediaFirst (M1PR, Inc.).

In our next

segment with Jim, we're going to really

get down in the weeds and talk about

what makes this log successful and also

maybe some mistakes to be avoided by

people as they start blogging.


So, thank you for joining us on Buckingham

Business Review. This is Bernie Wofford, your host.

We hope you will join

us again on a future segment.

Thank you.


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