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Improving Content Operations

Hello, M1PR welcomes you. After the challenges of COVID and economic uncertainty, we're optimistic that brighter days are ahead. As we move forward, we believe it is vital that our agency continues to make marketers' jobs better through our work output and values. So, we are glad you can join us for exciting updates and announcements.

At M1PR, our values and principles make us who we are. They drive us to create products and services that are better, easier, and more enjoyable.

As you may know, we helped many companies launch, get funded, and exit.

Now, let us talk about writing and our content operations. We re-engineered our writing process to be more productive, enjoyable, and effective. M1PR content operations bring you an exceptional experience, giving you access to leading writing services. Our offerings combine tools and integrations for content production (creation) and distribution (posting). What matters is the experience you have with us from ideation to posting. For ideas, we complement your industry knowledge with our deep experience in technology and software.

We recently announced that we were embarking on a year-long transition to faster, more intuitive writing process steps plus higher quality writing, comprehensively edited copy, and we are off to an incredible start. The reception to these initiatives has been off the charts.

Our improvements elevate work to a different tier, and our business has never been stronger.

The improved process steps bring the best content production to you. The incredible new writing process completely reinvents content delivery. We continue to be committed to affecting our clients' work lives. Plus, we cannot wait to get content into your hands and witness all the amazing things it will do for you. Thank you for continuing on our journey.

It energizes us to work with you again soon. Have a great day.

Premium Content Creation

Formulas can help estimate the time and cost of content production. You likely understand the steps yet underestimate the writing time needed for your staff, subject matter expert (SME), or executive. The time to plan and create excellent written content includes these steps: ideation, a brief, assignment, draft, edit, approval, formatting, image selection, and posting. 

Do you wish we were your content team? It's hard to dedicate resources to future tasks like writing when there are so many immediate marketing tasks. 

Our senior staff works jointly with your marketing team to keep content writing tasks on schedule. We serve as idea generators, bringing a deep understanding of industry issues affecting your customers. Our team can help at any needed stage, from planning, production, and publishing to analysts.

Writing & Content Creation Marketing Agency

MediaFirst is a full-service content marketing agency supporting multi-channel and cross-channel content creation. We are especially well-equipped to build your brand, grow your audience, and capture more leads with strategy-driven, targeted communications.

Your company wants:

  • Sales prospects to find the website,
  • Web visitors to stay and engage,
  • Shoppers to shop and buy,
  • Fans to register, connect, subscribe;
  • Community members to converse and comment on the blog;
  • Topical Authority for pages and posts; and
  • Keywords that attract and reinforce without cannibalizing search authority.

MediaFirst takes time to understand your target audience and business goals, then develops website content that is compelling and engaging. Our content, whether a press release, article, blog post, landing page, white paper, or other, offers value to readers and a solid return on investment to your business.

Great content invites site visitors to explore your site and take time to learn about your offerings, products or services. Headlines and text contain relevant keywords that boost search engine optimization (SEO). Copy by MediaFirst tells your story and explains your value: how you help overcome business and marketing challenges, generate profitability, engage the audience, or power your customers to be more competitive.

A Personal Content Studio Concierge

Today, companies look for complete service packages. You might call these managed content services or managed marketing services. For content, these are becoming known as content operations. Content operations cover the complete package os needs to get the job done from staff, to process, to quality acceptance.

Top Content Marketing Agency

Well orchestrated content creation, editing, posting, tagging, and promotion are needed. Content operations take content marketing from strategy to tactics to implementation.

Promoting Your Company CEO, CTO, and Thought Leadership

You are provided a team lead from our agency to be your personal, content concierge. Together, you develop campaign strategies, compile compelling issues, and create a tactical editorial calendar of blog posts, bylined articles, guest posts, and press releases. 

Turn Your Insights Into Influence & Leads

Through our media relations, influencer marketing, blogger outreach, industry analyst relations, and publisher connections, we present you with a multi-channel marketing program that reaches your target audiences. Multiple channels and touch points enable your company to cross-promote to niches across channels.

Publisher resources, such as the Forbes Technology Council, serves them well. Our CEO, Jim Caruso, is a member of the Forbes Agency Council.

Website Content Maintenance

MediaFirst offers affordable blogging agency programs and SEO agency services to fix website issues. These are among the ways we make the job complete and easy for you. We help you get leads and grow your business.

Content Creation & Update - Writing & Graphics

Online content marketing agency: text or graphics contents or specific new pages. Pricing options for maintenance of online content are: hourly, fixed price, or retainer. Get a Web design face-lift - with new top navigation, site template, just changing or adding a page, or updating the entire site.

Custom Content Pages

Marketing Automation Platforms & Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Marketing for Marketo, Pardot, HubSpot, Mailchimp, etc.

Many marketing software firms offer marketing automation software platforms that help you attract leads and convert them into customers. These platforms offer a method and lists of tasks that lead to better B2B marketing effectiveness. The marketing automation tasks include website management, blogging, keyword optimization, search engine optimization, lead management, marketing analytics, email marketing, landing pages, and social media monitoring. MediaFirst helps companies implement and maintain marketing automation campaigns on these platforms.

Content Marketing on the Drupal Content Management System (CMS)

The client's requirements are our primary concern and these offerings have served customers well. Call Jim at 770/642-2080 to learn about the current web hosting promotion, using the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) and featuring hosting providers, such as Pantheon, or to discuss your goals or issues. Our site is on Drupal; it ranks well in the Google Search Engine and allows us to capture leads. Look to MediaFirst for Drupal website building and maintenance. Drupal is great for social media websites, web content writing, SEO web development, and web marketing services.

M1PR [MediaFirst] is a Drupal Association member.

PR Web Pages: Content Marketing and PR Agency

Leverage media coverage and the news content from your firm with the creation & update of "Press Release," "In The News," "Events," "Speaking Engagements," and "Press Kit" Web pages. 

Online, news-related information may be presented as:

  • "Press Releases" issued by your venture
  • "In The News" (Media coverage)
  • "Articles": White Papers or bylined articles
  • "Press Kit" page (or area within "Press Release" page)
  • Related pages, such as: "Industry Analysts", your "Events", or the firm's "Newsletter" Website Redesign by M1PR
Content Marketing Agency Writes Blog Posts to Engage Audiences

Online Press Kit

A Press Kit explains why you are well qualified to comment to the press. Include Press Releases, bios of each spokesperson; corporate profile, bylined articles or white papers, and other supporting bios - if desired, such as the Board of Directors or a Board of Advisors.

MediaFirst can maintain these on your Web site, for use by the media and to simplify your life. Often we are the first to know of your media coverage. Some firms include photographs, charts, graphs, diagrams, screenshots, logos, etc.

Press Releases

Let us post Press Releases online, especially since we write most for our clients. These Press Releases cover subjects, such as your deals, new product or service offerings, hiring, office locations, survey results, or industry issues.

Online Policy Creation Writing your website's privacy policy and terms of use, including European GDPR requirements. Users, who submit personal information, expect your website to have a "Privacy Policy," in addition, this is a requirement of the European Union (EU), including the right to have their information removed from your website. "Terms of Use" set expectations for visitors to your Web site and should be reviewed by your legal counsel.

Repair Of Bad Web Practices and Search Engine Rank Search Engine Optimization - boost your Website ranking or accessibility with the correlation of keyword, Meta Tag, image tags, summary tags, and site copy changes.

Web Visitor Analysis Web Traffic Analysis - provides detail on who visits your site, from where, why, and with what browser capabilities, such as Javascript enabled or plug-ins. MediaFirst is pleased to offer complete web-visitor reporting.

Typical Customer Requests Clients asked us for: company naming, product naming, service naming, trademarks, service marks, domains, e-mail, Web sites, search submission, higher search ranking, news pages, broken link repair, new text content, graphical updates, and new graphics, tracking of improvements, leveraging third-party endorsement or award, meta tags, alt image tags, site search capability, text layout, site design, and Web coding compliant with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards for HTML and& CSS.

E-mail Marketing Services We have several effective email campaign management and contact management capabilities that distribute and track response. Create professional-looking HTML and text emails. For easy campaign management, we recommend Mailchimp. Without the right tool, email campaigns typically face these issues: users that only view plain text e-mail, compatibility issues, missing graphics, and incomplete tracking of readership or response. 

Deep Experience & Success in Content Marketing

Our agency, MediaFirst, has 10+ years of experience writing content about hardware, software, and services for consumer, technology, software, and logistics clients.

We promote content across vertical markets, from oil to food. Our staff work with reporters and editors at all the relevant publications. The written work reaches prospective customers, industry analysts, and influencers.

We create a curated social media stream for clients and our firm. Curated social streams for B2B feature LinkedIn and LinkedIn Groups. Clients usually ask us to post to Twitter and Facebook, too.

Clients get exciting content from our four in-house writers, each with years of experience and in-depth market understanding. The content we write highlights issues your customers face. By addressing these issues, we showcase how your products and service offerings address a problem. 

Other content for clients includes thought-leadership pieces, gated content, white papers, blogs, byline articles, and content clusters to boost SEO. 

Well-promoted content increases awareness of your company and offerings, wins prospective customers' attention, and builds your brand. 

We would like to have a conversation with you about your needs. Would speak with Jim? Click for his calendar.

Discuss your options. Get a free assessment of your content marketing. We make your job easy, increase traffic, and generate leads.

If you want to implement new ideas in content, talk to us about topical authority, content engineering, taxonomy, and tagging content.

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