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Video Services: Video Generates Interest, Imparts Knowledge


Video Services: Video Generates Interest

The scale and budget of video production have many different factors: time, target audience, and market. Our creative team has the experience to produce a video for new product introductions, training, and demonstrations. Working with an award-winning video service provider will reach the target audience and portray the messages. We can take your project from the planning stage, through shooting, editing, and post-production to a successful conclusion using the latest industrial video technology. Our customers receive a video product that wows and meets their needs.

  • Produce videos for business needs - employee orientations, sales and marketing training, product demonstrations, corporate events
  • Dynamic videos target a particular market and capture the audience attention
  • Write scripts, direct, and produce videos

Leverage Artificial-Intelligence And Machine-Learning Tools

There are some new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools that create short video output. One type takes long videos and cuts them into bite-sized pieces for posts. Another type takes text content and creates short videos for social posts. User-generated content might be free from intellectual property restrictions, so you can also repurpose parts of it that work for your brand.

- Jim Caruso, M1PR, Inc. d/b/a MediaFirst, as seen in Forbes 10/8/2020