6 Ways to increase awareness for your business

6 Ways To Increase Awareness For Your Business

It is possible to have an excellent product, yet potential customers are not aware of your business or what you offer. No matter what you invest in marketing, some customers may not visit the places you are marketing online or in person. If that is true, consider ways to increase brand awareness. Better brand awareness will cut through the background noise and help you stand out from the competition. 

Do Multi-Channel Outreach

Put your brand name and marketing content across more marketing channels to get your brand name on everybody's lips. Significantly, the potential buyer of your product or service.

So, if you want to generate awareness for your business, your marketing, branding, and advertising efforts should focus on repeatedly getting your name brand identity (logo, fonts, and color palette) in front of potential customers until they recognize your brand. That is possible if you implement the tactics that go with this multi-channel marketing strategy. Here are ways to increase awareness for your enterprise.

Media Relations Wins Earned Media = Press Coverage

Media relations is influencing reporters and editors to incorporate your company and spokespersons in publications for which they write. There are three primary tactics:

  • Research their planned stories.
  • Pitch them with good ideas or genuine news.
  • Be known to them, so they seek you out.

You can research planned stories from the editorial calendars of the publications. Pitch reporters by understanding their beat and offering a story idea or your news. Once you deal with reporters in reliable and helpful ways, you become a recurring source that they seek out.

Partner With Trustworthy Entities

Most brands work continuously for brand awareness. These include big names like Apple, Toyota, and Amazon, among others. Everyone knows these brands, and the companies work hard to be known as trustworthy. Leveraging the forceful presence of more prominent firms can help you amplify your brand. You can begin by identifying other companies targeting the same decision-makers or clients. Allies should not directly compete with you.

Most buyers adore dogs, so I partner on a pro-bono event or fundraiser. Find a non-profit like an animal shelter and be a sponsor or volunteer with your staff.

A more direct way to partner is with a pop-up presence in your ally's business location or trade show booth. 

More sophisticated alliance partnerships lead to join bids or cross-selling and upselling each other's offerings.

Joining forces with larger, trustworthy organizations can yield mutual benefits. For instance, can partner to offer exclusive discounts or more complete solutions. Effective alliance partnerships attract new customers. The firm you partner with will be able to reward clients and also gain benefits from the alliance.

Note that the synergy between both brands, in this case, may feel natural to your customers and, like the two offerings, go hand in hand.

Go Offline

The adage "sharing is caring" applies for increasing brand awareness. Holding an event, conference, or webinar can help you raise brand awareness. You can achieve that by using your company connections to bring reputable speakers in for a special event, or you can also run a workshop relating to what you offer.

During this period of COVID-19 pandemic, going offline may be difficult or impossible. Going offline probably means going virtual. Virtual events and online fundraisers might be easier for people to attend. Typically, virtual events mean you lose some personal interaction, but these may still be effective. These may also be the only option during lockdown or the uncertainty of potential lockdown.

Provide actual value to your customers by inspiring, educating, and giving them food for thought as valuable content. That will associate the experience with your brand. For example, Google provides hours of lectures at no cost to boost revenues across the board in ways that support its fundamental aim, which is "Organizing the world's information and makes it universally accessible and useful."

Use Influencer Marketing

Two types of influencers are social media stars and for businesses, industry analysts. Influencer marketing builds brand awareness. The reason is that digital influencers can have a direct impact on the decision-making process of most prospects. However, you need to understand that partnering with influencers who have a substantial social media following may not yield a desirable outcome. Be wary of whom you ally with and their reputation. Reputations rise and fall, so be able to pull away if needed.

Since authenticity is a priority in creating brand awareness, opting for micro-influencers is a wise idea. Such individuals may have a lower reach, but they may be more focused on your space and bring you the most value.

Harness and Leverage Social Media

Social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, offer firms different platforms to promote their offerings, build the brand, connect with audiences, and engage fans. Harnessing the power of social media on specific platforms can increase awareness for your business. Whatever content you post on social media, expertise in a particular field can earn you a large following.

We are proponents of blending your content with other content that interests your audience. Industry analyst option and trend pieces are a good example. These may not mention you directly, but they tell buyers to look for a solution to a pressing industry issue. The solution they pick might be yours.

Teaching your audience and giving them knowledge will prove that your firm is relevant and on-topic. Informing the audience garners a large, valuable, and engaged audience. As a result, you will reap increased brand awareness.


Use many channels to create awareness. Brand awareness goes beyond ensuring your customers are thinking about you. Teach them the benefits of your offerings. Do so positively and engagingly. Increased brand awareness may take some time, but the work you do in multi-channel marketing will prove worthwhile.