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Best Practices: Types of Posts that Get Tons of Shares on LinkedIn

When you make it a point to share the right kind of information on LinkedIn, this social network can become one of your best platforms for social sharing, which gets social media mentions for you or your products, services, and brand. Below, please find some business marketing tips on the best types of posts to share on LinkedIn. 1.Blog Posts: content marketing leads with thoughtful, informative and pertinent information for your target audiences. Promoting blog posts via your LinkedIn status and LinkedIn Groups can be a very effective way to gain awareness within the self-selected audiences of an industry or interest group on LinkedIn. 2.Quotes: Inspirational and useful business quotes: One of the most well-known and highly shared posts in LinkedIn history was an inspirational quote by Thomas Edison. It should be noted that GE had a large audience already tuned in to its channel, however. 3.Statistics: Informative or inspirational statistics that indicate industry trends can be eye-opening. 4.Awards: If you know of a company that has recently won an award or achieved a benchmark that can be easily quantified, you can expect a lot of social media mentions from your business contacts on LinkedIn. 5.Jobs: Posts about new job openings: Because LinkedIn is, after all, a place to link employers and businesses, posts about major companies that have new job openings will do quite well on the platform. 6.Press Releases, such as on your company's new product, launch of a new service offering, hiring, office relocation, etc. The technology audience is fluent in social networks, such as LinkedIn, which makes LinkedIn Groups a great place to post product and service launches. Note: Each LinkedIn member can belong to up to 50 LinkedIn Groups. Have you shared these types of posts on LinkedIn? If so, how were they received? Any other ideas on what to share? Would you like to share any of your own examples? Image link: