Foursquare Day Photo

Foursquare Day and Foursquare Day Atlanta at 5 Seasons - "#4SQDAY"

What is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a social network that lets you "check-in" to places you visit and can also post to Twitter and Facebook, identifying friends that are also checked-in with you. It is among the Location Based Services (LBS) that use the GPS (Global Positioning System) capabilities of smartphones to connect friends and introduce the like-minded, social media obsessed.

What is Foursquare Day?

Foursquare Day ( happens to the 4th month and the "4 squared" day, the 16th.

It is a global celebration and checking-in anywhere on Foursquare Day wins you the 4SQDAY Badge from the company Foursquare.

Foursquare Day is abbreviated 4SQDAY and uses the hashtag on Twitter of #4SQDAY.

Hundreds of meetups are planned worldwide for Foursquare Day.

In Atlanta, we got to celebrate in the fine weather; listen to a great band, Secondhand Swagger; and sit outside on the top deck at the brewpub.

Chad Elkins, the founder of 4SqATL, Foursquare Atlanta, was our host for the party.

There is a Facebook page for Foursquare Day.

We are not sure what happened to our local Foursquare event, but we hope they return, maybe as Swarm Days? 

Foursquare shows 100 weeks of check-ins at parks!
Foursquare shows that I've checked-in 100 weeks in a row at parks!