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Good Domain Name Choices Are More Memorable

Good Domain Name Choices Are More Memorable & Better Promote Your Firm

Here are some guidelines for selecting the best domain name.

  • .com is by far the most recognized and best
  • Select your exact business name, rather than promote two differing names, such as a business name and domain name
  • Avoid hyphens
  • Shorter, fewer characters, is better
  • There are many new domain options, such as .co or others that can be the last characters in your company name like 
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Top Level Domain (TLD): Select A Name That Ends In ".com" 

DOT COM (.com) is best; it is always what all Web visitors will presume. When domain names are bought or sold, .com is the primary consideration. However, if you are a network operator, .net is most appropriate; if a non-profit, maybe .org; and a school should have .edu.

UPDATE for 2015: There are many new Top Level Domains (TLD) which look like domain extensions for you and me. There is one for every country, some of which are just two characters, like ".ly" or ".io" - the country of Columbia has done a great job promoting ".co" and all three of these examples is used extensively in consumer-facing and tech start-ups based in the USA. 

EXAMPLES: ".academy" ".beer" ".bike" ".coach" ".energy" ".work" and ".world" . Almost 2000 organizations have applied to manage or sell (rent or lease) a generic TLD (gTLD).

The Number Of Characters

Easy to remember is best; fewer characters almost always is easier to remember. If you ever chose to sell a domain name, the length is the secondary consideration.

Length Of Words

Which words compose the domain name you are considering? Are they short? Simple? Memorable? Describe your business - or the products or services?

Number of Words

Count the number of words that comprise your domain name. Unless very descriptive, fewer is better.

Does Any Firm Own A Shorter Version?

If you are considering a domain name with more than one word, who owns the other, shorter versions of the name, e.g. the one, two, or three-word versions? For example, if you were considering - who owns and

Number of Hyphens

Web visitors prefer not to type hyphens and find them hard to remember. We suggest you avoid them, although even large firms, such as Delta Air Lines used before they finally purchased!

Word Length & Ease Of Spelling

This plays on the length of words in characters, but also the ease with which your targeted Web visitors can accurately spell your domain name.

Industry Value & Terminology

One method of naming is to select a name that describes your product or service. Other possibilities are standard, descriptive industry terminology. Another is to choose the latest of industry buzzwords, which could accelerate name recognition or backfire if the term fall from favor.

Common Usage

Usage relates the semantic relevance to typical online activities, such as "Shopping" or "e-Commerce". Examples include terms, such as "software", "construction", "CPA" or "Biz".

Name Availability

If the name is taken in .COM, you may wish to consider .NET, .BIZ, or .ORG. A name that is already taken in one or more of these TLDs will garner a higher value based on the assumption that this indicates that the name is more desirable.

Web Frequency of Terms

The frequency with which similar domain name appear on the web, containing many of the same words, can confuse Web visitors and dilute the online recognition of your name.

Search Frequency

Look up the frequency with which your domain name appears - as a text search - in search engines, such as Google, Bing/MSN, Yahoo!, etc. Therefore, if your proposed company name and domain were, look up "Sincerely Yours" on search engines and note how much noise - extra unrelated search results - might exist confuse your target audience and prevent them from finding your firm.

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Extend The Value Of Your Domain Name With E-mail

A domain name is the first step to making the Internet part of your everyday activities. However, a domain name by itself is only a place on the Internet. You can use your domain to enhance business efficiency, improve visibility, encourage collaboration, and promote and customer loyalty.

E-mail service with your own domain name will become a key tool for your business. It's fast, it's simple and it's convenient, allowing you to share information both internally and externally. Most companies consider e-mail as mission-critical.

E-mail services extend the value of your domain identity. Get highly reliable, easy to use e-mail service with a choice of self-configuration and management and many ways to access e-mail (POP, WebMail and IMAP), as well as anti-spam measures.

Typically, begin with:

  • Domain Registration and renewals
  • E-mail or forwarding with anti-spam and Webmail
  • Additional storage
  • IMAP functionality


Advertise your company with every e-mail! You work hard to build your business. So it only makes sense to extend your company name to your on-line communication. With e-mail service, you can send and receive messages using a professional e-mail address such as from any computer, any place in the world.

Typical offerings are:

  • Corporate identity with matching domain name and e-mail address
  • Secure SSL mailbox messaging between the end-user and mail server
  • Access to your mailbox from any computer or mobile phone
  • Web-browser based email or the ability to use an email client software program
  • Additional e-mail access using programs like Microsoft Outlook® or Apple Mail®
  • Anti-virus services scan ingoing and outgoing e-mail to ensure you and your customer's data is uncorrupted
  • Increased collaboration through shared mailboxes (i.e. sales, support)
  • Ability to remotely access (RPOP) e-mail from other e-mail accounts
  • Storage per mailbox with additional storage available
  • Ability to add mailbox accounts as your business grows
  • Interfaces for message management including catch-all, re-assigning mailboxes, and delivery options
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Password creation and maintenance
  • Online customer self-support tools

Domain Name Examples & Experience

We helped a number of firms find the right Domain Name for their business and get online, including: