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How Can Pinterest Help Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Within the past few years social media has made a huge impact on society and the world around us. From the products we buy, to the people we interact with social media has expanded the networking field by the millions. There is one thing all social media sites have in common; they are all trying to connect people through a common interest. There is now no other site better than that does this best. Pinterest is a social media site that aims to connect millions through common interests from fashion and beauty to architecture and travel. By allowing the sharing of interests by a single photograph and some anchor text, the creators of Pinterest have really sped up the networking process. Pinterest is not only for your social media guru, but many businesses can expand with the use of this site. How Pinterest can help your SEO: 1.Repining – when you pin an image from your website onto a board it will show up directly on that category’s homepage, thus anyone can repin it. 2.Connect – on the homepage of any Pinterest account, you can notice the link to Twitter and Facebook, these links will can connect your Pinterest account to your other social media accounts. 3.Create your profile – when building a profile for members to view, it is always important to fill everything out as best as you can. The more information, the better. 4.Links – always be sure to link your images in order to receive “do-follow” backlinks through pinning images. 5.Product search and link reclamation – as well as your own images, be sure you are pinning your product as well. When pinning a photo of your product, be sure to add the correct link referring back to your site. TAGS: Pinterest, Pinterest Help, Pinterest Agency, Pinterest Search Engine Optimization, Pinterest SEO, Pinterest Search Engine Marketing, Pinterest SEM, Pinning