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HTML 5: Favorite Links, Tools, Books, Posts, People, Resources, etc.

These are favorite Links, Tools, Books, Posts, People, Resources, etcetera from the Atlanta HTML5 User Group Rockstar Notes

From our January 2013 "Rockstar" meetup. Here are the panel’s favorite links/books/tools/posts/etc....

 - for me it’s less about links and more about the practice of digging into others’ code (github), documentation, man pages, etc.
TodoMVC is a good way to get to know each framework:  The author (Addy Osmani) has a great blog worth following:

Prismatic - it learns what you read, what you like, and gives you focused content. Twitter can also be a good source of info - but ony if you follow the right people. For example, I follow Brian Rinaldi, the community manager for Adobe. He posts a couple of links per day for articles relating to front end dev (not just Adobe related). As for Social, don’t laugh, but G+ is a good place to create a “circle” of geek friends who can share articles between each other.

find AngularJS + SEO article
Secrets of the Superstart programmer by Giles Bowkett:
Book: flow: the psychology of optimal psychology - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Book: the war of art - Steven Pressfield
Book audience member recommended: How to win friends and influence people - Dale Carnegie
Video: How to Write 1000 Words (I actually didn’t get to talk about this but it’s good)

Web Sites
Luke W - All things mobile and responsive -
A List Apart - Design, UX, HTML, CSS, a little JS -
CSS Tricks - CSS for all levels of your career -
CodeAcademy - Great learning resource - Easy intro to JavaScript and JQuery as well as Ruby and Python -
Smashing Mag - CSS/HTML.Design/UX -

Big Web Show - html, css light JS, UX design - a mixed bag -
Shop Talk Show - Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert talk to guests. CSS/HTML/JS mostly - some design and UX -

Training / Upkeep
Codeschool -
RailsCasts -
Codecademy -
Lynda -
Coursera - -- specifically the SaaS class
BackboneRails (shameless plug)

Book Series
Anything Pragmatic Programmers
Designing Interfaces, 2nd edition

IRC - - active in these channels

Twitter Peoples
Brad Frost ‏ @brad_frost
Chris Coyier ‏ @chriscoyier
Dave Rupert ‏ @davatron5000
Divya Manian ‏ @divya
Nicole Sullivan ‏ @stubbornella
Paul Irish ‏ @paul_irish
John Resig ‏ @jeresig
Jason Santa Maria ‏ @jasonsantamaria
Ethan Marcotte ‏ @beep
Luke Wroblewski ‏ @lukew
Dan Cederholm ‏ @simplebits