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Jim's Favorite InfoSec Maillists

Attrition Mail Lists


Berkeley Information Security Office

Caltech Security Mailing Lists


Cyber Magazine

The Cyber Wire

Dark Reading

GB Hacker


E Hacking News

The Hacker News


Security Week

Some are from Cyber Magazine

The State of InfoSec Lists in 2006

Okay, since I blogged the top software, I need to mention my favorite 2 mail lists:

Infowarrior mailing list https://attrition.org/mailman/listinfo/infowarrior via http://www.infowarrior.org/ and

ISN: InfoSec News https://attrition.org/security/lists.html

Many thanks to the organizers - and many contributors. -----

URL: https://attrition.org/mailman/listinfo/infowarrior -----

URL: https://www.infowarrior.org/ -----

URL: https://attrition.org/security/lists.html

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