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LinkedIn Groups: Creating Group Rules

Today, I needed to craft some rules for a LinkedIn Group. Here they are shown below.

A primary source is these tips in a Downloadable Template from Patrick O'Keefe.

The group, Atlanta Soccer Friends, is on LinkedIn.

Managing Your Online Community / Online Forum.

LinkedIn is for business. Soccer is for fun. The intent of the group is to expand business and soccer connections for fun and business benefit. Please do not post any item that might not be welcome in this group.

Feel free to post about teams needing players, players needing teams, new teams, new leagues, places to play game or find a scrimmage. You may brag about the game your team won, even if it is Tottenham Hotspurs.

Post about business opportunities or jobs that might be of interest to the group.

If you are a soccer player looking for a job, feel free to post you qualifications and a link to your LinkedIn profile. Oh yeah, make sure your LinkedIn profile has a photo, contact information (email and phone), etc.

LinkedIn is used by business professionals for business connections, partnering, hiring, and job search.

If the spam police are looking for you on the internet, your spam is probably not welcome here either.

Rules of the moment:
1.) Post an item only once
2.) Post useful items.
3.) Don't be overwhelming. Yeah, we want to hear from you, but not every ten minutes.
4.) Ask before posting an advertisement.
5.) Don't sell snake oil, "personal" services, or how you can make millions from your couch.
6.) Be respectful.
7.) Respect privacy, including your own, such as phone numbers, home addresses, etc.
8.) I'm sure LinkedIn has a policy against vulgar language, so we'll leave it there.
9.) Political and religious discussions are discouraged.
10.) Do not post copyrighted materials, Typically, you may link to these.
11.) Only have one LinkedIn profile.
12.) Be fun, friendly and inviting.
13.) Freedom of speech rights do not extend to privately owned websites.
14.) We reserve the right to remover you from the group and to edit or remove any content without warning.
15.) These guidelines are subject to change at any time without notice.

Do you have a question about our User Guidelines or anything else? Do you have a suggestion? Do you want to offer some feedback? Or are you experiencing some trouble with the site? Well, no matter what it is, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to help in any way that we can.

Thank you for visiting Atlanta Soccer Friends group.

Adapted from / Credit to Patrick O'Keefe, author of:
"Managing Online Forums: Everything You Need to Know to Create and Run Successful Community Discussion Boards."

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