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Some Cool Stats About Pinterest

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Some Cool Stats About Pinterest

Why You Should Care About Pinterest?

In the last few months and especially because of a potential IPO, interest in Pinterest, the social media site that lets you "pin" images onto a virtual corkboard, has flown off the charts. Pinterest is as addictive as other social media sites; maybe even more because more people like the visual aspects of Pinterest.

In 2019, the company said: “Pinterest is where more than 250 million people around the world go to get inspiration for their lives".

Pinterest users are about two-thirds of women. “In the United States, our total audience includes 43% of internet users, which includes approximately 80% of women ages 18-64 with children Total Number of

Pinterest Pins:175 billion+

Total Number of Pinterest Boards:3 billion+

Pins link to a tremendously large universe of sites. Etsy is a popular source of pin content.

Over 80% of pins are re-pins, demonstrating the tremendous virality at work in the Pinterest community.

So, what can you do on Pinterest? Pinterest will provide links back to your website, increasing the number of unique visitors to your site. One of my clients, KooKoo Bear Kids now receives 25-50 visitors to their site a day via Pinterest. You can connect Pinterest to your Twitter and Facebook accounts allowing you to easily get followers. You can create a catalog of your products. Create boards around a product type, such as Baby Shower Gifts, and pin your products to the board.

RJMetrics researched the top-level domain of external links that each pin ties back. They found tremendous long-tail effects. In their sample of about a million pins, over 100,000 distinct source domains existed. These include as the number one source, followed by Google, Flickr, Tumbler, Weheartit, Martha Stewart, Polyvore, and

The bottom line is that Pinterest demonstrates some of the strongest user engagement, retention, and virality metrics seen in an online business. The company has found tremendous success among its core demographic, which are women between the ages of 20 and 40. But, even if that is not your target audience, you should jump on Pinterest because its growth and interest level can push any web site to the top of the search engines.

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